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Lost History of Womankind Sociopath, Shaman or Seidr Magician


New Eyes

My husband and I created possibilities for each other this year around Freedom and Expansive Awareness and whoosh, its taken him to the other side of the country and its taken me to the other side of the estuary. We could not have guessed how shocking? marvelous? bewildering? glorious? the cold-water-wake-ups would be. I guess this is the age of massive growth but there’s a lot of skin to shed in the process.

I’ve been particularly moved by a 7-month correspondence with a Native American Shaman-Man or behind the scenes I realized, known better as a black magician, reminding me a little bit of Bill Cosby in his deceptions and motives. It was odd. I had no idea what I was about to experience with this guy. I didn’t know much about him, just that I was interested in the stories of “women’s history” that he was presenting on his websites. So I went to a Gathering that was announced in August 2015 and found myself there in the conference room with a group of ten or so, slightly bored with what turned out to be less about the Lost History information that I Read the rest of this entry

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