Silkscreen Committee


Vera’s Silkscreen Committee meets once a month to discuss a variety of topics ranging from awesome upcoming projects to studio improvement. If you have any questions or ideas about our studio, feel free to check our calendar for the next committee meeting. We look forward to meeting you!

Bruno Cicirello
Bruno Cicirello grew up by the ocean in Lima, Peru and is continually inspired by the vivid colors, landscapes and simplicity of his childhood.  When he’s not working as an account manager during the day, he enjoys spending time designing and printing t-shirts for his company Blue Salt Designs.  He teaches silkscreening at VERA’s studio and designs posters for upcoming music shows.  Bruno’s 3-dimensional projects have served clients such as Starbucks, Microsoft and Logitech.

David Gallo (former Silkscreen Committee Chair)
David took one of the first screen printing classes offered by Vera and never stopped showing up. Since then, he has created dozens of posters for the Vera project and several other clients in the Seattle area under the moniker weaponsofmassdesign. Some of his poster work for Vera has been published in the book Gigposters Vol. 2. He has won 4 “Poster of Week” awards from Seattle’s The Stranger publication. David has also been the Chair of Vera’s Silkscreen Committee, had a few gallery shows in the Seattle area, and participated in the Seattle-Havana Poster show
Poster Website:
Design Website:

Eric Carnell (current Silkscreen Committee Chair) has been screen printing for a quarter of a century, and involved in playing, creating, promoting and producing music for as long. He has worked in the industry printing everything from garments to Printed Circuit Boards. His resume includes former positions as Print Designer for SIFF, Adobe Software Technician,World Wide Technical Supervisor for Getty Images Web Brands & Stock Film, and Art Director for a dozen garment and print firms. Owner and President of Independence Printage Corporation since 2007.
Jeremiah Swicegood is a self-taught graphic designer with 10 years of experience creating designs for print and the web. After learning silkscreen techniques at The Vera Project in 2005, Jeremiah used his graphic design skills to produce single- and multi-color posters and t-shirts in the Vera silkscreen studio. After volunteering in the studio and participating in the Silkscreen Committee, Jeremiah worked his way up to Silkscreen Instructor staff. He has taught Silkscreen 101 classes for a variety of youth groups, including McMurray Middle School, the Seattle Young People’s Project Class, and the Hidmo Youth Group.
Jonathan Horn is originally from Michigan and moved to Seattle 2 years ago for a lot of really great reasons.  Since then he’s gotten heavily involved with comics & self-publishing and first took Silkscreening 101 at Vera to learn to make t-shirts for the zine archive he volunteers at. Now, he’s in your recycling, stealing your chipboard.

Kerstin Graudins received her MFA in studio art from New York University and her BFA in printmaking from the University of Washington. She has exhibited her work in many venues in Seattle and New York. She has taught teenagers how to silk screen for many years in Kirkland, Seattle and Redmond through the Old Firehouse Redmond Teen Center, the Kirkland Teen Union Building, the VERA Project, the YMCA, and Rock School Summer Camp. She currently teaches printmaking classes at Pratt. She creates a variety of works using nearly all visual mediums. View her work

Kristine “Kinoko” Evans is a Seattle-based artist and “laptop musician” with a love for printmaking and illustration. She has studied illustration at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has been featured in Anteism, Tablet Magazine, Yeti and in self-published works, and she regularly DJs at dance clubs in Seattle. Her passion for bringing together arts and music communities meshes well with Vera’s mission.
Marianne L. Goldin is a Seattle-based visual artist originally from Kiev, Ukraine, working in a broad range of applications ranging from editorial illustration to branding, poster art, printmaking and conceptual works on paper. Goldin has been active in printmaking at the Cornish College of Art (Seattle), Sev Shoon, and Windowpane Press, and has show work in the Henry Art Gallery, the Center on Contemporary Art, Gallery 1412, and galleries in Portland, OR; Vancouver, Canada; New York, NY. Marianne currently teaches illustration and silk screen printing at the VERA Project and GAGE Academy.
NKO Rey is a Seattle based artist and semiotician. Formerly co-founder of the elusive Free Sheep Foundation, and artistic director of Feelhuman Studio, NKO now works with the experimental theater company Implied Violence and is a founding member of New Mystics crew. NKO worked as a professional garment printer and now enjoys experimenting in process-based silkscreen techniques. NKO has many years of experience working with young people, including teaching youth writing workshops, mentoring young painters, and participating in many workshops and festivals at NOVA High School.


Our mission statement:
The Vera Project fuels personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art.

VERA is an all-ages volunteer-fueled music and arts venue. By engaging participants at all levels of music production and community organizing, Vera fulfills its mission to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for all ages, especially young people.Vera’s programs are always all ages, with a focus on young people ages 14 to 24. Most Vera programs are at the Seattle Center venue, and include:

  • Popular music concerts
  • Audio engineering training
  • Youth-driven governance
  • Visual art exhibits
  • Live and studio recording
  • Leadership training
  • Silkscreen printing/classes
  • Event production training
  • Internships

These activities are initiated and driven collaboratively by Vera’s volunteers, staff, Board of Directors and youth-led Membership.

Weekly concerts promote artistic experimentation and excellence in a professional setting, leveraging industry-standard technology to showcase music and arts. Classes fuse with experiential learning opportunities and a volunteer-driven structure that engages young people in the arts, fosters inter-generational communication and gives constituents the skills necessary to pursue their creative and professional passions. The skills participants gain at Vera activate future creativity, careers and leadership within Vera and in the greater creative community. Vera engages thousands in the arts, develops the future of the music industry and supports a vibrant Seattle culture.

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