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PTVN existed as a 501(c) 3 non-profit and non-partisan organization working with family industry leaders. We developed resources for news, information, inspiration, entertainment, Teen Talk, Parent Planet, and the BABY! International Film Festival, building blocks for community. PTVN existed as home base for women and men, mothers and fathers, relatives and professionals who engaged in and supported conscientious parenting around the world. 

About Parent Network (PTVN)

Welcome to Parent TV Network (PTVN), your source for news, information, inspiration, entertainment, Teen TalkParent Planet, and special events like the Parent Summit and BABY! International Film Festival.

We create opportunities globally to increase the visibility of information for our “parent population.” Because parents are continually pressed for time and no child or family circumstance is the same, we provide tangible sources of information that work with today’s parenting lifestyle – always on the go.

Our programming places emphasis on the inclusion of young adults and parents from all ethnic and racial origins, as we believe the wealth of this conversation is for all voices, ages and races. PTVN productions and network affiliations focus on providing information that opens hearts and minds to the true nature and nurture of children and parenting.

PTVN is a 501(c) 3 non-profit and non-partisan organization in partnership with industry leaders.

The People Behind PTVN

Natalie LaFontaine is founding member, President and Chief Executive Officer of Parent Network. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Natalie, began her professional career wanting to become a nurse. While with Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, she quickly identified her passion for communications and relationship building. For over two decades, she pursued a career that has spanned the broadcasting, public relations, nonprofit and educational program development sectors. Her relational abilities help pave a productive path from big-picture concepts to detail-oriented strategies, while developing brands and programs that create space for community engagement. Leading from the viewpoint that organizing diverse groups of people and sharing information will transform families, communities and the world, Natalie’s work, spirit and passion have been recognized with numerous awards.

When her daughter was born, Natalie’s determination to improve the quality of messaging to parents became a focal point. After having experienced a life altering struggle with cancer, the idea of Parent Network as a vehicle for this positive messaging became very clear. Today, Natalie still believes that facilitating powerful results through collaborative teamwork will bolster relationships and strengthen families, and she continues to bring together creative minds, organizations and new ideas to parenting.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, with High Honors, in Mass Communication & Journalism and Public Relations, from Seattle University with post-graduate work in Policy Advocacy at the University of Washington. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington, with her teenage daughter where music, laughter and dancing fill their home. A commonly heard, “when’s dinner” lingers in the air with spices from a tossed together yet hearty meal.  Art, travel, gardening and strolls along the waterfront bring inspiration, especially while Natalie prepares for another change, embracing her daughter’s transition to college.

MB is Director of Communications at Parent Network. Marybeth has over a decade of experience at her fingertips with a keen eye for trends, technology and integrated media solutions. Known for her leadership, work ethic, and generosity, she has spent five years in music and software services, four years in the travel industry, and four years in the real estate and mortgage community. Her commitment to home and global care is cultivated on Parent Network through the notion that a healthy future only lies in children if adults mentor responsibly now. She studied English/Communications (BAS) at Boston College and Design/Interiors at the Art Institute. Marybeth and her husband enjoy attachment style parenting with their young daughter, as well as travel, music and grazing raw veggies. Connect via email

Nick Connor is our Teen Talk expert and founder of High Five Leadership Training and Nick Connor Productions, LLC. Nick has established himself as a top motivational instructor, leader and speaker in the collegiate and youth centered markets. His motivational training videos, speeches and events encourage his audiences to accept their current circumstances and to move beyond the expectations of others. In essence, to be 100% their creative selves. Said of Nick: “The impact he makes in a short amount of time is truly inspiring. Nick is a powerful resource for parents and those interested in making an impact in the life of any teen.” He is currently developing a series of inspirational videos for teens and parents that will be available on PTVN’s Teen Talk.

Contributing Writers

John McCormick is the author of Dad, Tell Me a Story, How to Revive the Tradition of Storytelling with Your Children (Nicasio Press 2010).  The book contains 25 stories he created with his own two sons, and provides guidance to parents on how to create a storytelling tradition in their own families. On his storytelling blog, John offers stories and storytelling tips to families while sharing parenting insights reflecting the wonder and joy of raising kids. He has also served as a guest contributor on such influential parenting blogs as The Huffington PostMan of the House and The Parent du Jour. John is a frequent speaker and storytelling advocate at schools, book clubs, parent associations, fairs, libraries, and summer camps, having made presentations to the National Child Research Center, a prestigious preschool in Washington, D.C., and the Parents League of New York, one of the oldest parent associations in the United States.

Travis Mann is a financial planner working for a firm in the Seattle area. His work involves creating custom financial plans and implementing investment strategies for both families and businesses. In his spare time he is likely to be found sailing, skiing or cycling. He also is an avid traveler and has visited over 30 countries on five continents. Travis and his wife Chelsea live in Queen Anne and recently gave birth to their first child, Henry, in August 2011. They are enjoying the thrills and challenges of being new parents. Connect with Travis on LinkedIn!

Julia Neiman is an experienced behavioral specialist, life coach and founder of Transform For Life and Executive Director of Group Home Consultants. With a B.S. in psychology and an M.S. in social work, Julia has 20 years of experience working with troubled teens in foster care and probation, and teens with mental health needs. She believes that their dreams matter and is passionate about teaching them how to make those dreams come true. Connect with Julia at her website, or join the conversation on Twitter @parenttrainer or Facebook.

William McCormick at age 14, is a junior high school student in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area where he lives with his parents, younger brother, and two pet dogs. Will is a second degree black belt in tae kwon do, enjoys sports such as lacrosse and surfing, and plays guitar in a rock and roll band with his brother and a school friend. In his spare time, Will also likes skateboarding, reading, video games, and art, especially cartoon drawing.

Anne Hirsch is the Yogi Midwife and has spanned a decade of midwifery care and prenatal yoga practice for women in Florida and currently practices at Hearth and Home Midwifery in Seattle, WA. She is an active member of the global midwife community, volunteering her time to the JJ Way while also organizing fundraisers such as Africa’s Future in African Hands. Anne is developing a series of pre-natal yoga videos that will be made available to women around the world via Parent Planet in 2013.

Angela Marinelli  is the Nourishment Connection providing healthy living and nutrition support to parents and kids. With a Masters of Science in Nutrition and a Masters in Education, Angela manages her own health and food blog, Healthy You Can Live, as part of her nutritional consulting website Nourishment Connection. In addition to the recipes, educational videos, and resources found there, she also contributes original recipes to Recipe Redux. Angela will publish the first of her Healthy You Can Live e-Cookbook Series and is graduating from Escoffier International Online Culinary Academy in the fall of 2012.

PTVN Affiliates

Marvin Nyansio is an organizer of the Baby! Intn’l Film Festival Uganda and founder of the Rejoice Uganda Organization, a charity committed to bringing health to the community of Kampala, Uganda. Maternal mortality rates are very high here, and children are brought into abnormally challenged circumstances. Rejoice Uganda cares for about 50 orphaned children at a time, providing them with housing, clothes, food and education. Marvin’s activism extends to the 2012 IPU Event where issues of women’s and children’s health were openly discussed and the search for support and change continues.

Parents, policy makers, healthcare providers, communities, local and global organizations involved in family-related services gather together for a wide variety of articles, social connections, telecasts, books, films, classes and informational seminars. Our goal is to expand awareness about the issues surrounding parents. Advances in technology advance today’s parents! We’re here to keep up by covering critical topics, sharing stories, and interacting with you about infant, maternal, family health and well being.


Nick Connor

Nick Connor helps young people develop a clear vision and parents and educators to understand their roles. He’s the host of Teen Speak with Nick, founder of High Five Leadership Training and Fill Your Box, three programs dedicated to and created for young adults and those who care about them. He has established himself as a top leadership trainer and speaker in the college and youth market.  His motivational training videos, speeches and events have inspired thousands to embrace their unique story, pursue their passion and create a vision for their life.

Birth Media

Training childbirth educators and institutions with the essentials about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. Understanding what birth experience means. Fear-busing, baby-bonding, raising happy children are all part of the mission to prevent trauma, cultivate love, and have more fun.

The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health

APPPAH illuminates the life-long impact of conception, pregnancy and birth on babies, families and society. Educating professionals and the public about, and advocating for, the life-changing discoveries made in the area of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health.

Visit their website at:

The JJ Way®

Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM for Commonsense Childbirth IncJennie Joseph, LM, CPM. developed The JJ Way®  health care system to address the poor birth outcomes being experienced by African-American and low-income women in America. The results have been phenomenal. Eliminate racial and class disparities in perinatal health and improve birth outcomes for all. The JJ Way’s innovative model builds on the strengths of the Midwives Model of Care to reach a population that does not typically seek midwifery services.

DONA International

DONA International is the founding international  organization specializing in the education and certification of  doulas who support families during childbirth and the  postpartum time.

Visit their website at:

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)

Offering comprehensive, evidence-based education, certification, professional membership and training to childbirth educators, lactation educators, labor doulas, antepartum doulas and postpartum doulas.

CAPPA certified professionals aim to empower, connect and advocate for families in the childbearing year.
Visit their website:

Million Moms Challenge

The Million Moms Challenge brings together a coalition of more than a dozen world-class partners working around the globe to improve the lives of women and children. The Million Moms Challenge will focus on crucial issues that are a priority for all mothers, including access to proper nutrition to support healthy pregnancies, trained midwives to assist in safe deliveries, and vaccines that enable children to survive to their first birthdays and beyond.

Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine

The Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) is the only international organization (with members from 30 countries worldwide) dedicated exclusively to advancing the health and well-being of adolescents.  Since the 1950s, a group of healthcare professionals has taken on the challenge of learning more about adolescent health and improving the delivery of health services for adolescents by developing and promoting the field now known as Adolescent Medicine and Health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) – Committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. AAP has general child health information, and more specific guidelines concerning a pediatric issue, and the Academy’s many programs and activities…our policies and guidelines…our publications and other child health resources…and much, much more. Best of all, you can rest assured that the information comes from the nation’s leading child health experts and that we have scientific research supporting our recommendations.

Visit their website at:

Childbirth Resource Network

Childbirth Resource Network is a network of parents, birth professionals and other service providers in the central San Joaquin Valley. We are here to help guide anyone seeking to know more about their options in creating a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth, and transition to parenthood.

Visit their website at:

White Ribbon Alliance

The White Ribbon Alliance is an international coalition which pushes for change to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women and newborns around the world.  In some cultures, white symbolizes mourning and in others it symbolizes hope and life. As such, the white ribbon is dedicated to the memory of all women who have died needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth.

Parenting Press

Parenting Press creates practical material that builds “people” skills.  We publish the best “how-to” information available for child guidance, problem solving, emotional competence, and kids’ personal safety issues.  We understand the importance of truly useful children’s books.

Visit their website at:


A nutrition communications and consulting company inspiring others to eat real food, love their bodies and laugh a lot.

Visit their website at

Common Sense Media

Providing trustworthy information and tools, as well as an independent forum, so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume.

Visit their website at:

Gibian Wellness Center

A Wellness Clinic and Learning Center offering Mindfulness-Based Birth Education, Buddha Palm Thai Bodywork training and Awakened Heart Process training along with a full range of services. Including Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Hakomi Body-Centered Counseling, Birth Services, Acupuncture, Herbology, Ayurveda, Healing Qigong, Yoga Therapy and Integral Healing.

Visit their website at:

Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting together with The New Parenting Dr.Jeffrey is Founder and a Director, with his wife, Dalit of the American Foundation for Conscious Parenting, a 501(3) c charitable foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Healthy Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting. Working to educate and uplift women, mothers and parents and bringing this knowledge to schools, hospitals and college campuses as a motivational speaker and through Workshops and the distribution of “The Art of Conscious Parenting.”

Visit their website at:

Central Coast Doulas

Provide a strong communication link between practicing doulas, the childbearing public, maternity caregivers and others interested in learning more about labor and postpartum support, and to facilitate continuing education for our members.

Visit their website at:

Doula Association of Southern California

The Doula Association of Southern California recognizes the profundity of birth on the human experience and society at large, while respecting the individual needs of childbearing families. We provide a supportive forum for maintaining professional standards, continuing the education of birth and postpartum doulas, and informing the public of the benefits of doula care.

Visit their website:

San Francisco Doula Group

San Francisco Doula Group a community of doulas practicing in the Bay Area. Understanding the needs of expectant mothers and their partners, we created “” to be a source for referrals of trained and experienced birth and postpartum professionals.

Visit their website at:

Birthing Hands of DC

Birthing Hands of DC offers a full range of birthing care and related services to women preparing for birth and motherhood. We are the most comprehensive source in the Washington, DC metro area for all things birth-related. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge will ensure your baby’s birth and your journey to motherhood is handled with care.

Visit their website at:

National Center for Fathering

Estabilshed as a nonprofit, scientific and education organization, the National Center for Fathering has the goal to create a culture of Championship Fathering by enlisting dads to make a commitment to fulfill the tenets of Championship Fathering.

Visit their website at

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) – Accelerating global health progress through sound measurement and accountable science. IHME works to identify the best strategies to build a healthier world. By measuring health, tracking program performance, finding ways to maximize health system impact, and developing innovative measurement systems, IHME provides a foundation for informed decision-making that ultimately will lead to better health globally.

Visit their website at:

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