Trippin 2015

Where have we gone.

Where do we go from here.

We’ve been in and out this year and we miss our Cocoa Beach friends – its been a while but looking forward to December 13th, promise we’ll be there!

This year has been a trip like none I’ve known. First half was full of madness and miracle. June saw me through a cleanse, July was a steady hand, August was an awakening, September was a painful stretch, October is the grounding ground, November and December are my question marks and perhaps I’ll sleep. I don’t know what a good night’s rest is anymore, it’s been a long time.

Adela is in that stage of constantly Read the rest of this entry

The Beauty of an Inward Winter

Photo by Adela, with her Fisher Price Digital Camera...

Photo by Adela, with her Fisher Price Digital Camera. It’s the bottom of a pot with rain water.

Those who know us well don’t wish a Merry Xmas or a Happy Holiday, they ask how our health is. Since we’re not raising Adela in the tradition of cultural holidays/christian holidays/consumer holidays, we have the luxury of creating exactly what we desire this time of year and all year round. We basically celebrate Birthdays. The rhythm of these is so easy, so natural, so aligned with how the body expands and contracts and celebrates it’s almost astonishing to me that anyone should squeeze into the rigidity of a consumer holiday calendar.

But, most of our family and friends do and we so enjoy their joy. My best friend Read the rest of this entry

Butterflies In the House

IMG_9150Picked up a bag of mushroom compost at Rockledge Gardens today with Adela, we’re cultivating a butterfly garden. The monarchs and bees (and red-headed woodpeckers) were abundant in the Fischer Park field last week on the evening of the full moon. We sat in the grass and watched for a long time and I got re-inspired to keep going with our ladybug and butterfly oasis just outside the kitchen door. So far there will be dill, parsley, tropical sage and Read the rest of this entry

Feliz Dia de Muertos in Cocoa Beach

feliz dia de muertos

feliz dia de muertos

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we actually followed through with this. So glad we did. Visiting our usual places to hand out skulls and roses as Day of the Dead corpse bride and child was a ton of fun – we saw the Bare Bone Brothers, the Women of Surfinista, Des at Juice N Java, Catalyst Surf Shop boyz, the Sunseed Co-Op friends who had so many fun tables of free, healthy treats we could have stayed all day (and a build-your-own fairy garden and witch’s brew with eyeballs and smoke!), and last but definitely not least, Scooter at the Cocoa Beach Skatepark where Adela finally Read the rest of this entry

Hello New Moon


accidental hello


light and dark reflections

Headed last minute today with Adela to meet new and old friends at the park and noticed that one small item had dropped out of its box during my family’s recent move, it sat in the front seat and kind of reminded me it was there, I kept glancing at it sideways: In Honor of the Ancient Ones – a post card sent months ago. The warmth of this new moon and the whispering of planets came round, I lingered with the reddish color of Calico Canyon, of the earth in Nevada, thought of Native  Read the rest of this entry

Goodwill Hunting

who taught you how to do that?

who taught you how to do that?

picture p-fect

picture p-fect

Renew, Reuse, Recycle and bought an easel yesterday for $5 smackers at Goodwill but had no idea Adela would take to painting as if she had done it a million times before. Since I don’t use social media anymore, this one’s for you, Adela, so we don’t forget your first day of skipping the fingers and going straight to the brush. Oh and we’re right in the middle of a move that happens to be exhilarating, charming and actually fun which I’m sure has something to do with the fact that children bring Read the rest of this entry

Mommy and Me Yoga Month

excited for yoga class: age does not equal maturity

excited for yoga class: getting younger by the moment

As usual, I’m more excited than Adela on the first day of a new class but now that we have a few under our yoga mats, she loves going to “The Hoola Room” as she calls it. A short term class that supports moms of all shapes and sizes to breathe, stretch and re-connect with our healthiest selves…and a hoola hoop to entertain the kids here and there.

By the way, my daughter is 2 and 10 months if you know what I mean…sometimes I stretch and breathe with 1,000 interruptions and sometimes I stretch and breathe with only 5…hundred. One class she insisted on filling cups of water and waited for everyone to drink them before taking the cups and filling them again and this is just the way it goes in Toddlerville. Luckily, we all obliged in between plank poses.

Today, the instructor led us through an amazing class and helped me to strengthen all of my abdomen and loosen my hips – it still feels great hours later. This is an organic class and with newborns to toddlers and up welcome, moms can understand in a whole new way the importance of organics. Finally, getting to know me again.


PTVN Days: Baby! IFF: Notes from Marvin Nysansio on the 2012 IPU Event

Author: PTVN Parent Network

PTVN - 2012-06-12-IFFBABY! Int’l Film Festival UGANDA was invited to participate at this year’s Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Kampala, Uganda. We chose three films that would educate and inspire conversation and discussion. I was very busy here in Africa on behalf of mothers and children. We had a lot of meetings with Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: Yes We Said It, Boobie-Palooza: Bringing Breastfeeding to the Mainstream

PTVN-2012-07-30-boobie-paloozaYes We Said It, Boobie-Palooza: Bringing Breastfeeding to the Mainstream

Author: Marybeth Cicirello

Now this may not be a subject of particular interest unless you’re 1. currently breastfeeding 2. a health advocate 3. a baby advocate or 4. interested in a healthier adult population – but I’m all of the above, so I’m psyched to the brim about Boobie-Palooza 2012!

We noticed the People Magazine article has garnered some colorful comments and I’ll say this to the ladies: if you’re offended by the marketing surrounding Boobie-Palooza, you’ve missed the point. All work and Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: My Cross Country Road Trip: 5 Month Daughter and Misc. Fodder

Characters: Me (Marybeth), Bruno (Husband/Dad), Adela (Daughter)

Scene: Bruno and Marybeth (6 months pregnant) sitting in the living room of their Seattle, WA home.

Marybeth: “I really don’t want to raise a daughter here. If I’m not inspired by the environment anymore, how will she be inspired?”

Bruno: “Lets move.”

And cut. Given, we actually started the Read the rest of this entry

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