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PTVN Days: Baby! IFF: Notes from Marvin Nysansio on the 2012 IPU Event

Author: PTVN Parent Network

PTVN - 2012-06-12-IFFBABY! Int’l Film Festival UGANDA was invited to participate at this year’s Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Kampala, Uganda. We chose three films that would educate and inspire conversation and discussion. I was very busy here in Africa on behalf of mothers and children. We had a lot of meetings with Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: Yes We Said It, Boobie-Palooza: Bringing Breastfeeding to the Mainstream

PTVN-2012-07-30-boobie-paloozaYes We Said It, Boobie-Palooza: Bringing Breastfeeding to the Mainstream

Author: Marybeth Cicirello

Now this may not be a subject of particular interest unless you’re 1. currently breastfeeding 2. a health advocate 3. a baby advocate or 4. interested in a healthier adult population – but I’m all of the above, so I’m psyched to the brim about Boobie-Palooza 2012!

We noticed the People Magazine article has garnered some colorful comments and I’ll say this to the ladies: if you’re offended by the marketing surrounding Boobie-Palooza, you’ve missed the point. All work and Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: My Cross Country Road Trip: 5 Month Daughter and Misc. Fodder

Characters: Me (Marybeth), Bruno (Husband/Dad), Adela (Daughter)

Scene: Bruno and Marybeth (6 months pregnant) sitting in the living room of their Seattle, WA home.

Marybeth: “I really don’t want to raise a daughter here. If I’m not inspired by the environment anymore, how will she be inspired?”

Bruno: “Lets move.”

And cut. Given, we actually started the Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days – Faces of Parenting Series

PTVN - 2012-03-12-faces-of-parenting-bruno-cicirelloBruno in Space Coast, FL

Author: Parent Network

Faces of Parenting, North America: What city and state do you live in?

Bruno: Space Coast, FL

How many children do you have and their ages?

BC: Adela, 6 months

Is your parenting created in a partnership, multi-generational, or single household?

BC: My wife and I…with extra love from visiting family and friends. Before moving to the Space Coast we lived in Seattle and with my family mainly in Peru, and my wife’s family mainly on the East Coast, the day-to-day parenting has been solely Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: The Modern Midwife: An Interview With Anne Hirsch

PTVN - 2012-05-17-The-Modern-Midwife-Anne-Hirsch

Anne Hirsch, extraordinary midwife

Author: MB

When my husband and I first decided to start a family, I knew right away that a natural birth with little or no medical intrusions is what I wanted and what my healthy 38-year (young) body could handle. My belief was that women have given birth since the start of time, that our bodies know what to do by some archaic lineage, and that whether I understood what was happening scientifically or not was totally irrelevant. And it proved to be so. With the loving support of my husband, I wouldn’t settle for just “any” office or ”any” insurance-covered practice, me and my belly and my instincts went on multiple prenatal visits with Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: Sciatic Pain Relief with Yoga

Author: Yogi Midwife

The sciatic nerve can become inflamed during pregnancy due to pressure on the pelvic area from the growing baby, tension in the buttock or misalignment of the hip/sacrum joints. Gentle yoga provides immediate and low term relief.

Here is a yoga set to relieve sciatic nerve pain Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: International Women’s Day with BABY! IFF

Author: PTVN Network

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, a round table discussion will take place in Uganda. The U.S. Mission’s inaugural “Social Media Meet-Up” will bring together relevant minds to discuss effective communications pertaining to women’s health and educational issues, as well as Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: Communing With Baby

Yogi_Midwife_CommuneAuthor: Yogi Midwife

Yoga is about being present. Experiencing, to the best of our ability, what is going on right now. Once youʼve done your stretching you feel more calm and open to sensations, sights, sounds and feelings. When you complete a short daily yoga practice, it is a good time to Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days – Parent Network Uganda: Pregnancy and Women’s Health

PTVN - women-pregnancy-globalParent Network Uganda: Pregnancy and Women’s Health

Author: MB

Our work in Africa since 2009 has driven the conversation of pregnancy, women’s health, community support and hope for change in a climate that has survived overwhelming odds and deserves the support of nations. Parent Network’s recent sponsorship of BABY! Int’l Film Festival UGANDA (a presentation of key films to support motherhood and health) made its way to the 2012 Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Kampala, Uganda: the largest union of national parliaments in the Read the rest of this entry

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