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Sheer Joy

Living Consciously in a multi-dimensional earth, increasingly multi-multi-dimensional ourselves is the gift of the season! And there are no past patterns here. The parthenogenetic “pulling away from” has reached brand new space, a magnificent Level of Discernment, and the New Human Body is rejuvenating every cell in our body/galaxies with a joyfully energized pseudo-Emotional Body. Have you noticed that this layer no longer runs a limited range of emotions or can be driven by the mental body? It’s forever changed! What an opportunity.

The old nervous system has been experiencing an eradication of sorts, especially through the waves gifted around the recent eclipse, and a new space is created. Somewhere behind the radix/mid-brain is the Observer space, generating solely, gently and softly. It’s pure and such an experience. In this New Form, we feel no anxiety, no questioning, no old reference points, only the Fullness of Living as we play with our potentials in unique ways. Each individual drawing in.

We are having fun in Georgia! Poor Irma is out of control. Another overblown example of the dying patterns of old, spiritual warfare collapsed, a pushing and pulling, big tantrum chaos of the losing energies. Yet with childlike neutrality, we’re ok with Irma. And I’ll take forces of nature any day which is why I love living in Florida (although Georgia has such a sweet spot with me now.) These hurricanes are a great excuse to amp up, to practice, to come together and most important, to share with Beautiful Strangers. Exquisite family vacations are sprouting in the south this week.



Be a nice guest while we’re gone.


My good friends, yet again for the 7th season, stayed in Cocoa Beach. And yet again, we’re looking at minimal effects there and I’m looking forward to cleaning and clearing debris and helping my community with little courtyard projects. And yet again, our hearts and love go to all good people everywhere, whatever the circumstance, extraordinary support surrounds you. And yet again, our surfing friends followed the waves and boy are they healthy.

Thank you to the friendliness and southern hospitality here in Georgia. We’ve met new folks from Boca, Miami, Cuba, Jacksonville, Local Columbus folks have been amazing…our kids have been running on the playground together and we’ve shared fun stories of our adventures. We are all so lucky to have landed right in this spot to anchor – pays to have a great travel agent (thank you forever, Laurie) and a family who makes friends wherever we go. Sending joy to our loved ones! XO



Hurricane Road Trip



Historic Columbus, GA



Fountain City Coffee House (yum) – awesome staff



Photography! She’s into it.



Peek-A-Boo Sculpture Walk




Sprinkle Strut







Thank you, Columbus! It’s been peachy!



See you around…


**Adela: photos of shadows, leaves and seeds///peeling bark from GA trees///meeting the playful pup from Cuba///Fountain staff gifting us soy milk!///finding love for the camera///reading Dr. Seuss at midnight///the awesome housekeeping staff bringing me fresh coffee!///conversations with DM///Sheila’s huge oak and white squirrel///Oh, finding the 2 baby squirrels and making a nest for them!///fun buying food for the tropical rain storm///filling your cone with soft serve///HUGE chocolate chip cookies///Papa’s BBQ///red velvet pancakes///making mini-scenes with found sticks, berries, bark, nuts and seeds///


We’re in Augusta, GA today (Sunday 9-10) and will be here for a few days before heading home. It will be nice to hunker down with the tropical storm, read, rest, relax and be grateful for Hilton Hotels. We don’t have a T.V. at home or home computers, so Adela is loving the children’s channels and having a television all to herself.

We took the scenic route over from Columbus but it only took 3 hours. Georgia is beautiful. From my notebook: quaint residential architectures everywhere; passing through pecan groves; local honey and pepper jelly sold here! a sign in front of a small church “God Speed, Irma!”; historic horse farms that look like pages from a storybook; civil war heritage trail gave me the chills – thick trees with mushrooms of moss; tall, thin pine trees along the road. I rolled down the windows so we could breath deep the country air and Adela said – “The only thing I smell is cold wind!” OK I closed the windows.; hand-painted sign “We Pick Scuppernong Daily!”; more breathtaking houses and gemlike small towns; locals gathering at coffee shops smiling and chatting; wrap-around porches and rocking chairs.

This is an amazing grace country.

Talked with my best friend from college and she is marveling at all the “energies” stirred up around the globe, especially around the eclipse. I agree with her. This is such an honor to witness and I’m so glad to experience it with friends and family. The planet needs an enema and this is what it looks like!

Going offline again but happy I took the time to post. Thank goodness for these hotel suites. We ate Amy’s Meals Soups, bread, cheese, lemon water, apples, carrots and pineapple. I may just fall asleep mid heartbeat. Bye for now, call me tomorrow or so! I’m in a yoga retreat this weekend and disappearing again – lots of love and Grace is in Iceland?!! We are quite the network. Big hugs.

to-augusta-ga-butterfly-blueHW-22 and HW 16 Eastbound



Clear roads: go when you’re prompted to go!



heritage trails



Augusta, GA read, relax, stretch and nourish (photo by Adela)



DJ Suki surprise for Adela when she woke up in Augusta. The Atlanta grid, by the way, is quite extraordinary.












The Children

Children of the 60’s – they carved parallel and winding paths, absorbing the totality of Earth’s Spirit, they anchor for incoming Waves…

Children of the 70’s – we struck the archives and institutions with absolute precision, tearing apart old and illusory grids, cleaning and clearing for incoming Waves…

Children of the 80’s – they move about gently with profound sensitivity to ontological and ecological imbalance, lighting lamps for incoming Waves…

Children of the 90’s – some of the most powerful souls ever to walk this planet, they come with advanced systems of navigation, superior radar and abilities to cut through what is unreal. They accept no alternative to Truth and Light and Moral Code…


It is all in a night’s work to travel through the atmospheres and all in a day’s work to ground and rejuvenate. Children of The Stars exist beyond psychic abilities and beyond cult worship. We do not follow. We do not seek advice, mentors, elders, gurus or the like. We are the Capital “I” in Individual and we are in formation, deeply connected with those who came before us and those who are arriving.

We are not “one” with the human race, nor is it requested that the human race become “one” with each other. The murderer, the psychopath, the sociopath, the rapist, the war monger, the corporate heads, the governments, the whores, the bitches, the circles and the pimps they dangle in front: We are not “one” with them. We are not compassionate for them. We are distinct from them. The human body can be manipulated to the point of total deception, our job is not to forgive but to eradicate. Clarity, Values and Boundaries are key.

All Children of the Stars are True Royalty beyond any perception known in human history. We do not accept hierarchy. We are unimpressed with material and low-vibrational “rewards”. We are not better than or more powerful than, we just Know. The Children are Advanced Souls with advanced systems of information and defense and we are naturally capable of eliminating distraction – the oldest and most often used form of evil.


The first phases of our work is complete and it is also shifted now in 2017, the first year of a New Earth Cycle. It is the Individual Star Child who is shifting paradigms now from that Inner Knowing, many with systems in place to keep them hidden and off stage. Our Individual and Collective Knowing surpasses any need for proof – scientific, educational or media-generated. We carry with us in humility the True Truth of the Universe. The Skills earned through lifetimes on this and other planets are sets that cannot be plundered but only upgraded by The Most Powerful of Creators.

We know with Absolute Certainty that whatever evil exists on this planet, no matter how alien-driven the absurdity and negativity may be, that the Forces of Light are not impressed. It is all elementary to these Highest Advanced Sentient Beings and They Know All. Every single layer is easily reversed, easily blocked, and easily dismantled. Let them do their work while we do ours with respect to Time. Laughter and Joy being high on the priority list. We are the checks and balances in preparation for what Is To Come.

We are ageless and genderless. The male operating system we know to be Divine and Pure is distinguishable from a human male operating. The female operating system we know to be Divine and Pure and Physically Unique and distinguishable from a human female operating. We understand innately the galactic qualities of our form.

Parents of Star Children 2000 should recognize that they are here with highly advanced systems of defense, creativity and physical possibility. Your family was chosen by these children. They are outside of typical child psychology, pediatric trends and pharmaceudical agendas. Their behaviors cannot be categorized or subdued as their systems roll out and switch to “On.” They will remember their Full Skill Sets if you step out of their way. They will skip any intermediate learning and dive straight into their Power and Knowing. You must be prepared to learn from the 7-year old with a 90-year old mind through a Spirit that transcends human history. You must be prepared to accept the falsehood of superiority due to age, experience, physical strength, education or career. These children have already surpassed wherever you think you are whether your path is technical or spiritual or both. They are not here to teach to the masses. They are here to share only with other Star Children and their ancestors until the Time Comes. They accept that the human experience and the systems of chaos here are obsolete. We must protect their nests, allow no hypnotic technologies that manipulate and coerce them, encourage their growth, vibrationally surround them and make Absolute Family Choices that override what is socially acceptable.


All of Us who have come in each Wave through the decades, we share with each other, we overlap and we weave with each other through space and time. And there is a message for each of us around the planet from The Clouds:

Thank you. What do you need to fulfill your missions? We are here to serve you. Ask and you shall receive. The Sun is burning brightly.

Pig Plumping, Illusion Trapping, Smart Hygiene and the Real New World

The purest form of Tantra cannot be understood in one lifetime, it requires many Lives of Mastery before it reveals its culmination and release. Tantra is a living constellation in step with evolutionary consciousness. And we have always known that the techniques of Tantra in the hands of monkey humanoids and snake humanoids would be nothing more than the cloak for greed, desire, power and destruction with a sexual slant. Tantra is simple. It is the path of the Individual Spirit under no influence or control from any other concept, ideal, religion, group or government. Anyone can be Tantric. It is the Flowering of Spirit. Tantra is an expansion that can lead to the Gateway of Freedom where one must stand perfectly still, drawing in every single particle of one’s original essence, becoming a Vortex. The human body a vehicle for the Totality of One’s Being which is genderless. Read the rest of this entry

Guilt-Free Holidays, Body Utopia, Sound Caduceus and The New World Order

new-world-body-utopia-initiator3I slowed everything down this month and especially around that super duper moon as many of us bring in newly sourced programs and gifts. I Am Here. Present and Grounded. There’s another New Wave of colors, sounds and energies received by the planet in 2017, integrating within individuals and families. And November and December are simply magical months for taking in the scent.

To get a glimpse of the New World is a blip of majesty, it’s not even a single petal, it’s not even a single stamen, it’s more like a tiny piece of pollen split in half, we get barely a glimmer of how extraordinary the Universal Divine Plan is as it quietly roots itself in each of us. It is floating in. Read the rest of this entry

A Queen On A Throne, Visual Panorama, Focus As Fuel, Mirror-Like Awareness



The queen is on her throne tonight, visited by a most lovely sprite who reminded me that Focus is Fuel. I have no intention of fueling the co-created craziness out there but my attention tonight is placed solely on bringing in what is New yet Immortal, but New again, a Fresh Start and planting it into the ground. The candles are lit. The gentle color of sky blue “Ah” and the most fragrant color of soft yellow “Oh” are here. They stream into the screen and back out into the room and out the screen door to the little chaya spinach tree I re-potted in the courtyard. There are so many different energies, so many different groups, so many different agendas, curiosities, entities and so little harmony. The whole nation’s spirit is swept this way and that. Read the rest of this entry

Weather Warfare, the Brat in Hurricane Matthew, Alternate Reality and The New World

So far this year has been a most amazing, mind-blowing, time-compressing year and it’s not even December. Spirits, Angels, E.T.’s and a most exquisite universal design. I’m wired. This is THE time to be in human form.

I love living in Cocoa Beach and I love hurricane season. It is exciting and the community here is prepared. The talking heads of the negative-owned mind-manipulating-media can’t quite change the reality of what people actually experience in the world. A small percentage perhaps horrific, a very large percentage helping one another and enjoying the ride, or unaffected altogether.  Read the rest of this entry

Emoliente, Cow Heart, Andes and Family

Bruno flew in from Seattle in mid-September and the three of us jumped down to Peru to visit with friends and family. We stayed in Miraflores, visited Barranco (bought some fantastic children’s books there and went to a micro-theater show) then stayed in Cineguilla for a few nights where the air to me was like a warm liquid going down. I love, love, love Cineguilla. Read the rest of this entry

Lost History of Womankind Sociopath, Shaman or Seidr Magician


New Eyes

My husband and I created possibilities for each other this year around Freedom and Expansive Awareness and whoosh, its taken him to the other side of the country and its taken me to the other side of the estuary. We could not have guessed how shocking? marvelous? bewildering? glorious? the cold-water-wake-ups would be. I guess this is the age of massive growth but there’s a lot of skin to shed in the process.

I’ve been particularly moved by a 7-month correspondence with a Native American Shaman-Man or behind the scenes I realized, known better as a black magician, reminding me a little bit of Bill Cosby in his deceptions and motives. It was odd. I had no idea what I was about to experience with this guy. I didn’t know much about him, just that I was interested in the stories of “women’s history” that he was presenting on his websites. So I went to a Gathering that was announced in August 2015 and found myself there in the conference room with a group of ten or so, slightly bored with what turned out to be less about the Lost History information that I Read the rest of this entry

Invisible Waves

Read the rest of this entry

Love you, 4:4

Read the rest of this entry

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