HeartYup is a quick blog to keep our family and friends on to what we’re up to in Cocoa Beach while they shovel snow but enjoy changing seasons in Upstate NY, NYC, Cape Cod and Boston (also you, meandering sprite, directing the beauty of Shakespeare there) and tackle the craziest traffic down in Peru, build beautiful lives in Illinois, manifest nourishment in Pennsylvania, spend hours in art cafes under the thick clouds of Seattle and commune with mysteries near the rolling hills of California and the rolling hills of France – also those in and out of the country, we love you! And to the dear ones in Arizona.

I also have some professional stuff here that I would quickly forget I ever participated in as most everything career and material became unimportant after motherhood and has faded from my memory. So here as a reminder perhaps for when my daughter asks what I did before she came along. We took ourselves off of social media and smart phones, so this is the easiest check-in point at the moment although I’m two clicks away from turning to pen and stamps.

Thanks for contacting me about online presence etc. et al., I appreciate your work but it’s not part of the plan. Bloggers, especially mommy bloggers, are just another brand in yesterday’s graveyard of internet fads. In fact, if only people we know or vibe with out there visit this site, we will have found our ideal location on the web, somewhere off in a dimly lit corner watching the mainstream rush by.


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