Sheer Joy

Living Consciously in a multi-dimensional earth, increasingly multi-multi-dimensional ourselves is the gift of the season! And there are no past patterns here. The parthenogenetic “pulling away from” has reached brand new space, a magnificent Level of Discernment, and the New Human Body is rejuvenating every cell in our body/galaxies with a joyfully energized pseudo-Emotional Body. Have you noticed that this layer no longer runs a limited range of emotions or can be driven by the mental body? It’s forever changed! What an opportunity.

The old nervous system has been experiencing an eradication of sorts, especially through the waves gifted around the recent eclipse, and a new space is created. Somewhere behind the radix/mid-brain is the Observer space, generating solely, gently and softly. It’s pure and such an experience. In this New Form, we feel no anxiety, no questioning, no old reference points, only the Fullness of Living as we play with our potentials in unique ways. Each individual drawing in.

We are having fun in Georgia! Poor Irma is out of control. Another overblown example of the dying patterns of old, spiritual warfare collapsed, a pushing and pulling, big tantrum chaos of the losing energies. Yet with childlike neutrality, we’re ok with Irma. And I’ll take forces of nature any day which is why I love living in Florida (although Georgia has such a sweet spot with me now.) These hurricanes are a great excuse to amp up, to practice, to come together and most important, to share with Beautiful Strangers. Exquisite family vacations are sprouting in the south this week.



Be a nice guest while we’re gone.


My good friends, yet again for the 7th season, stayed in Cocoa Beach. And yet again, we’re looking at minimal effects there and I’m looking forward to cleaning and clearing debris and helping my community with little courtyard projects. And yet again, our hearts and love go to all good people everywhere, whatever the circumstance, extraordinary support surrounds you. And yet again, our surfing friends followed the waves and boy are they healthy.

Thank you to the friendliness and southern hospitality here in Georgia. We’ve met new folks from Boca, Miami, Cuba, Jacksonville, Local Columbus folks have been amazing…our kids have been running on the playground together and we’ve shared fun stories of our adventures. We are all so lucky to have landed right in this spot to anchor – pays to have a great travel agent (thank you forever, Laurie) and a family who makes friends wherever we go. Sending joy to our loved ones! XO



Hurricane Road Trip



Historic Columbus, GA



Fountain City Coffee House (yum) – awesome staff



Photography! She’s into it.



Peek-A-Boo Sculpture Walk




Sprinkle Strut







Thank you, Columbus! It’s been peachy!



See you around…


**Adela: photos of shadows, leaves and seeds///peeling bark from GA trees///meeting the playful pup from Cuba///Fountain staff gifting us soy milk!///finding love for the camera///reading Dr. Seuss at midnight///the awesome housekeeping staff bringing me fresh coffee!///conversations with DM///Sheila’s huge oak and white squirrel///Oh, finding the 2 baby squirrels and making a nest for them!///fun buying food for the tropical rain storm///filling your cone with soft serve///HUGE chocolate chip cookies///Papa’s BBQ///red velvet pancakes///making mini-scenes with found sticks, berries, bark, nuts and seeds///


We’re in Augusta, GA today (Sunday 9-10) and will be here for a few days before heading home. It will be nice to hunker down with the tropical storm, read, rest, relax and be grateful for Hilton Hotels. We don’t have a T.V. at home or home computers, so Adela is loving the children’s channels and having a television all to herself.

We took the scenic route over from Columbus but it only took 3 hours. Georgia is beautiful. From my notebook: quaint residential architectures everywhere; passing through pecan groves; local honey and pepper jelly sold here! a sign in front of a small church “God Speed, Irma!”; historic horse farms that look like pages from a storybook; civil war heritage trail gave me the chills – thick trees with mushrooms of moss; tall, thin pine trees along the road. I rolled down the windows so we could breath deep the country air and Adela said – “The only thing I smell is cold wind!” OK I closed the windows.; hand-painted sign “We Pick Scuppernong Daily!”; more breathtaking houses and gemlike small towns; locals gathering at coffee shops smiling and chatting; wrap-around porches and rocking chairs.

This is an amazing grace country.

Talked with my best friend from college and she is marveling at all the “energies” stirred up around the globe, especially around the eclipse. I agree with her. This is such an honor to witness and I’m so glad to experience it with friends and family. The planet needs an enema and this is what it looks like!

Going offline again but happy I took the time to post. Thank goodness for these hotel suites. We ate Amy’s Meals Soups, bread, cheese, lemon water, apples, carrots and pineapple. I may just fall asleep mid heartbeat. Bye for now, call me tomorrow or so! I’m in a yoga retreat this weekend and disappearing again – lots of love and Grace is in Iceland?!! We are quite the network. Big hugs.

to-augusta-ga-butterfly-blueHW-22 and HW 16 Eastbound



Clear roads: go when you’re prompted to go!



heritage trails



Augusta, GA read, relax, stretch and nourish (photo by Adela)



DJ Suki surprise for Adela when she woke up in Augusta. The Atlanta grid, by the way, is quite extraordinary.












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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever!

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