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The Children

Children of the 60’s – they carved parallel and winding paths, absorbing the totality of Earth’s Spirit, they anchor for incoming Waves…

Children of the 70’s – we struck the archives and institutions with absolute precision, tearing apart old and illusory grids, cleaning and clearing for incoming Waves…

Children of the 80’s – they move about gently with profound sensitivity to ontological and ecological imbalance, lighting lamps for incoming Waves…

Children of the 90’s – some of the most powerful souls ever to walk this planet, they come with advanced systems of navigation, superior radar and abilities to cut through what is unreal. They accept no alternative to Truth and Light and Moral Code…


It is all in a night’s work to travel through the atmospheres and all in a day’s work to ground and rejuvenate. Children of The Stars exist beyond psychic abilities and beyond cult worship. We do not follow. We do not seek advice, mentors, elders, gurus or the like. We are the Capital “I” in Individual and we are in formation, deeply connected with those who came before us and those who are arriving.

We are not “one” with the human race, nor is it requested that the human race become “one” with each other. The murderer, the psychopath, the sociopath, the rapist, the war monger, the corporate heads, the governments, the whores, the bitches, the circles and the pimps they dangle in front: We are not “one” with them. We are not compassionate for them. We are distinct from them. The human body can be manipulated to the point of total deception, our job is not to forgive but to eradicate. Clarity, Values and Boundaries are key.

All Children of the Stars are True Royalty beyond any perception known in human history. We do not accept hierarchy. We are unimpressed with material and low-vibrational “rewards”. We are not better than or more powerful than, we just Know. The Children are Advanced Souls with advanced systems of information and defense and we are naturally capable of eliminating distraction – the oldest and most often used form of evil.


The first phases of our work is complete and it is also shifted now in 2017, the first year of a New Earth Cycle. It is the Individual Star Child who is shifting paradigms now from that Inner Knowing, many with systems in place to keep them hidden and off stage. Our Individual and Collective Knowing surpasses any need for proof – scientific, educational or media-generated. We carry with us in humility the True Truth of the Universe. The Skills earned through lifetimes on this and other planets are sets that cannot be plundered but only upgraded by The Most Powerful of Creators.

We know with Absolute Certainty that whatever evil exists on this planet, no matter how alien-driven the absurdity and negativity may be, that the Forces of Light are not impressed. It is all elementary to these Highest Advanced Sentient Beings and They Know All. Every single layer is easily reversed, easily blocked, and easily dismantled. Let them do their work while we do ours with respect to Time. Laughter and Joy being high on the priority list. We are the checks and balances in preparation for what Is To Come.

We are ageless and genderless. The male operating system we know to be Divine and Pure is distinguishable from a human male operating. The female operating system we know to be Divine and Pure and Physically Unique and distinguishable from a human female operating. We understand innately the galactic qualities of our form.

Parents of Star Children 2000 should recognize that they are here with highly advanced systems of defense, creativity and physical possibility. Your family was chosen by these children. They are outside of typical child psychology, pediatric trends and pharmaceudical agendas. Their behaviors cannot be categorized or subdued as their systems roll out and switch to “On.” They will remember their Full Skill Sets if you step out of their way. They will skip any intermediate learning and dive straight into their Power and Knowing. You must be prepared to learn from the 7-year old with a 90-year old mind through a Spirit that transcends human history. You must be prepared to accept the falsehood of superiority due to age, experience, physical strength, education or career. These children have already surpassed wherever you think you are whether your path is technical or spiritual or both. They are not here to teach to the masses. They are here to share only with other Star Children and their ancestors until the Time Comes. They accept that the human experience and the systems of chaos here are obsolete. We must protect their nests, allow no hypnotic technologies that manipulate and coerce them, encourage their growth, vibrationally surround them and make Absolute Family Choices that override what is socially acceptable.


All of Us who have come in each Wave through the decades, we share with each other, we overlap and we weave with each other through space and time. And there is a message for each of us around the planet from The Clouds:

Thank you. What do you need to fulfill your missions? We are here to serve you. Ask and you shall receive. The Sun is burning brightly.

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