Pig Plumping, Illusion Trapping, Smart Hygiene and the Real New World

The purest form of Tantra cannot be understood in one lifetime, it requires many Lives of Mastery before it reveals its culmination and release. Tantra is a living constellation in step with evolutionary consciousness. And we have always known that the techniques of Tantra in the hands of monkey humanoids and snake humanoids would be nothing more than the cloak for greed, desire, power and destruction with a sexual slant. Tantra is simple. It is the path of the Individual Spirit under no influence or control from any other concept, ideal, religion, group or government. Anyone can be Tantric. It is the Flowering of Spirit. Tantra is an expansion that can lead to the Gateway of Freedom where one must stand perfectly still, drawing in every single particle of one’s original essence, becoming a Vortex. The human body a vehicle for the Totality of One’s Being which is genderless. It is earning the right to be everything that you are and more than what you are. Of living the life of being more than human. And I reject the airways of bliss and ecstasy for these are polluted with mimics, with imitations, with negative agendas, with electrical STDs. And I sacrifice Tantra itself.

Do you believe in the Sun? Do you believe in the second coming of the Sun?

The colors and patterns being gifted to Earth and received through individual tuning forks, our feet firmly on the ground, our ribs and abdomen long, our heads clean and clear, we bring what is New to this extraordinary and conscious planet. There is nothing to transcend. Engage the figure 8s. The circuitry of the orgasm is changed now, the circuitry of the seven bodies is different, the figure 8s are smaller than small and larger than large. And they are alive. Reach into the space around you and pull them in, these masters of breaking up debris and clearing out dormancy. These are free gifts and gifts of freedom.

Upheaval and the breaking of patterns is an opportunity to align with the Highest Source, resonating outward into the community. No secret society can force humans to be top heavy, to register shards of information coming from all directions, to bend and break necks, to be slaves to illusions. What we are witnessing in Maya, in the Matrix of Illusions are the Final Hallucinations of the ancient ones and of crude parasitic ones, spacey and spaced out, who sought the most valuable of resources here – Human Beings. Every image is another dimension of their sickness. Is another attempt to cause confusion. They are the doctors of old, the caduceus of old, the attackers of the human nervous system and the attackers of lineages of light on this planet. And my family is here to stay. And what exists here certainly exists eternally elsewhere. And I do not point my fingers at my brothers and sisters but collectively we point our fingers directly at those monkey and snake humanoids who sold their moral codes to the devil. Who do the bidding of Anti-Human Aliens. Who are selfish, greedy and psychotic. There is no compassion for those who allowed and desired power at the expense of sentient life. The makers of hierarchy, war and jeweled society. The tickets are written. The clarity is here. And you shall dissolve.

As awareness increases and people’s psychic skills open, caution and discipline are of utmost importance. There are no angelic E.T.’s and no tall and light beings that have come to help us. These are in fact entities that desire to harm and are masked with the emotional spectrums that a human would trust, the profound love between a mother and child. The “fairy” vibrations and physical manipulations causing one to float into another dimension, this is Illusion Trapping and your mind should exist only here and now as you originally agreed, not trapped in the elevator somewhere else in some other life. They are pig plumpers and their secret societies learn how to pig plump humans – stuffing them full of illusion, of bliss, of subtle energies before slashing to access the subconscious files, the DNA, the thought power, the electricities, the resources. Then the pattern begins again and it is all very boring. They are the static in a phone and the blockage in a mind. Reject them for they are the Rejects of the True Spiritual World.

I do not bow my head down to a silver, bitten apple. I am not fascinated by the smart technologies of enslavement. I do not hold in the palm of my hand their trapping devices and I do not use the tips of my fingers to caress the face of the Devil.

The Highest Order of Light, those who do in fact love us and are here to support our evolution and your freedom will not make themselves known but through the material and natural world in which we live. They will communicate with signs and small nudges. They are odorless and stealthy and speak not with blissful emotions, or the alteration of your mind in any way. They have profound respect for the Laws in the Universe which include no manipulation or direct interaction with human bodies. They will not touch you. They will not approach you. But they will intervene with vengeance on your behalf without your notice. It is a very small percentage of individuals who have a clean communication with the Angelic Division or the Warfare Division for example, although the everyday spirits are happily around to help with daily flow. So acknowledge only these silent ones and speak to them. And engage the figure 8s that are gently arriving to us as a way of self empowerment, clarity of vision, and profound growth. There is a simplicity, not a complexity, and an immediacy to what the individual can experience now. Miracles are ready to happen.

I left my heart in Scotland. And buried the master cell of my endocrine system in Tibet. And I leave my hands to the earthen Poland and the arches of my feet to Israel. And to all the islands I lift and drop my shoulders in threes and fives, foaming at the lips, I kiss your ankles and withdraw.

There is no such thing as History of Humankind. Anyone who tries to sell or speak of the History of Mankind or the History of Womankind is a fraud, is mentally ill and is working an old agenda aimed at draining precious resources, stealing resources, and destroying this planet. There exists on Earth only a pattern. An old, old pattern. And the pattern is this: Beauty Destroyed-enslavement-Intervention-manipulation-enslavement-Intervention-manipulation-destruction-Intervention-manipulation-genocide-Intervention-manipulation-destruction-Intervention. This is a time-old pattern and we are rejecting it now. We are turning away from these old ways, these old energies, these old, old patterns like smog in the sky we seek clean air. Our “history” is only the History of Alien Manipulation of Humankind, a pattern to be broken. This is easy to see. It is unimportant the details. It is unimportant to look any closer, to waste time and energy but to recognize simply, that this is the pattern over time on this planet. This is the form. And we don’t accept it any longer. In fact, it is all disappeared. Minimized as minor experiences on the pathway to what is new and what is more.

I leave nothing to Egypt.

The incestuous electrical genetics from itty bitty secret society to the next is bound to develop a retardation of sorts. The pinnacle of mental illness and retardation among them imminent, chasing their own tales in psychotic anti-rhythm, these are the men and women behind the curtain and the curtain is open for everyone to see. These are the humanoid samples of ancient illness, they represent the origins of mental disease with their bucked teeth and banjos, they think they’re just swell! Their mirrors are warped.


March is another magical month. Listen to the 4th, Listen to the 17th, integrate All that you are and are destined to be. During the eclipse seasons every six months, stepping into neutrality is key. These times are times that the earth is shaking itself off and we are helping to get rid of old patterning by noticing but not engaging what comes up. Nothing ever experienced is personal, it is only a manipulation. Let go of everything, hold on to nothing. Take in what is New. The future of the world is here whether people are ready for it or not, and the plan is exquisite. And no one is channeling it and no one is privy to its details, it is organic and protected and surgical and we are not asked to figure it all out. We are asked to go underneath the mind, to laugh and to vibrate, to follow electromagnetic passageways and these new figure 8s. Not only are our spirit guides cheering us on, but entire Universal Teams are being assigned to those on path. And when a woman is given permission by the Highest Light Order, the Real New World Order, to use her Scorpio-Leo system, to scan the lines between water and air, to protect her Home and Loved Ones near and far…slow down, rest, relax, breath. It is All Good. The entire Universe has our back and my words are marked. And we have been given an opportunity to explore new territory now, leaving the past in the past, so leggo my eggo and happy travels to everyone!


Understand what is happening on this planet in the Biggest Way. See the Real Big Picture. And enjoy the feeling of being part of it all.


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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever! heartyup@gmail.com

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