Guilt-Free Holidays, Body Utopia, Sound Caduceus and The New World Order

new-world-body-utopia-initiator3I slowed everything down this month and especially around that super duper moon as many of us bring in newly sourced programs and gifts. I Am Here. Present and Grounded. There’s another New Wave of colors, sounds and energies received by the planet in 2017, integrating within individuals and families. And November and December are simply magical months for taking in the scent.

To get a glimpse of the New World is a blip of majesty, it’s not even a single petal, it’s not even a single stamen, it’s more like a tiny piece of pollen split in half, we get barely a glimmer of how extraordinary the Universal Divine Plan is as it quietly roots itself in each of us. It is floating in.

You are a ‘choice’ soul and you get to choose what you will experience next. You stand at the Gateway to Freedom. What will you focus on and what will you pull into your life this year?

new-world-order-body-utopiaWe are moving forward to new reference points. There’s no more talk about agendas, U.F.O. visits, aliens, secret societies, governments, economic slavery and the system. We are living on a planet that has many layers of energies with varying delivery systems. It’s a simple way of seeing and a simple way of acting and there are no faces, no names and no titles to associate any of the experiences with. There’s no need to mark anything in time and nothing is permanent. The drama energies I remove. The static energies I remove. The darkness I remove naturally as I draw more and more Light into my heart and home. The energies of screens disinterest me. The energies of chatter do not serve me. The negativity coming off of that group is unimpressive and so I dismiss myself. The smooth and pulsing energy of the sun I love. The jagged electricities in the sockets I put to rest.

Sound, Light, Chemistry, Electricity, Vibration…and Mirage, upon Mirage, upon Mirage…


Super Moon

Adela was zooming around with her arms spread out the other night, up and down and around. She said she was a dragon and she was taking out all the bad people with her wings. And I said: “Oh! Ok I’m a dragon too! Lets get those bad guys!” And she stopped in her tracks and said: “No Mommy. You’re just the helper.”

Sit back and relax. This is a time for no guilt and no worry. There should be no guilt this Thanksgiving for how our country was fought and won and I am proud to be an American. There is no guilt for any condition in the world as genocide and war and cruelty have been manipulated into human history, not of our own creation. I love my white brothers and sisters, my black brothers and sisters, my pink, yellow, green, brown and purple brothers and sisters. Stretching deep into the beauty of our ancestries, there is a resounding love of nature and an abundance of playful spirits. There’s no guilt in The Garden.

Your path is unique. You are a Scientist and you are The Initiator. This is a sacred path and you have the skills already. You are protected from violence and there will be no interference. It is a consecrated path. The discernment, clarity and focus you have proven to have. The research and uploads are rapid. Now fine tune your passions. You are a Scientist and you are The Initiator.

female-body-new-world-orderInteresting, as I look at a sink full of crusty dishes and a swarm of fruit flies hovering around my apple bowl. The human body has been a passion my whole life, both of my parents trained in the medical field. I love my body. And I have to say it. I love my uterus, my vagina, my fallopian tubes and my ovaries. Yes I said it. Yoga is a passion as is My Voice. Music has been a study for decades yet I’ve managed to know nothing about Jonathan Goldman until recently! I really must live under a log. It is one of my favorite feelings to be in synchronicity and in awe and gratitude to those who have walked a certain path before me. And from reading just a handful of paragraphs in the mornings, I have a joyous gratitude for Mr. Goldman. Thank you. I’m singing it from the top of my aortic arch. Thank you.

You have the keys. You give keys as you see fit to the library of all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be but you don’t fix people. The details of instruction weigh too much. You are playful. You give away the keys and move along.

new-world-body-utopia-initiator2The rabbit hole isn’t complicated. There are a baker’s dozen choices about three yards in and any of those will lead to more and more tunnels which are a bit of a waste. Take a peak, sniff around and move on through to the other side. The exit pops right up near the cabbage patch without much need for conversation or drama and it’s a fairly straight shot. Hop, Hop, Hop!

Several years ago we got rid of our televisions. It changed the vibration in our home, we loved it. Then we deleted all of our social media accounts and what a refreshing feeling that was. We love living without a bunch of distracting stuff. Now we’re looking at limiting Adela’s iPad time to once a month. And we may very well become a “No Smart Phone” zone this New Year, dropping new-world-caduceus-jonathan-goldmanthe wi-fi too. I enjoy not having immediate answers and immediate access. I don’t mind talking with strangers and asking questions. I don’t even mind getting lost once in a while. The tedious technologies seem to melt away naturally as other forms of communication give rise. I’m really happy to live in a time though when I can choose to have information at my fingertips or wander through a library instead. And don’t get me started about GPS. I love it. But I much prefer listening to the crickets and frogs chirping at night without the backdrop of today’s news which was yesterday’s news which is the same news that has ever been played out, plug in a different face, name or minority group. Out with the old, in with the new programming.

I am of no religion and of no culture. I am of no secret society and I follow no code of silence. Their rules do not apply to me. I am of no ritual, no circle, and no order. There is no threat that can penetrate my soul and no curse that can reach me. There is no Light erased. My trillion ancestors have stepped onto the grids and into the arches. They watch avidly and await their return.


Conscious, Super Conscious and Supra-Conscious

Our family doesn’t celebrate holidays, but I’m wishing joyful holidays to everyone. And! I’m looking forward to an annual delivery of christmas cookies from my Nourishment Connection, Angela. Oh and we may be welcoming a little doggie into our family by the year’s end. Either a Tibetan Spaniel or a Shih Zhu. We’ll see. I’ve never imagined myself being one to pick up feces with a plastic bag on a daily basis but this may just be in my future. Being a fish in water on land requires new evolutions now and again. Adela loves dogs so much, I’m not sure we can deny her this one childhood delight!

See you when I surface again! I’m going to swim further and deeper than I ever have before, maybe even learn a new language or two while I’m immersed. Till then, may a new rhythm bring delight to your celebrations and may the warmth of laughter imbue your abundant tables. Happy New Year Everyone! XO






For My Mother and her lineage of Boundless Light and For My Dad and his lineage of Boundless Laughter…the New Program is Here…


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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever!

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