A Queen On A Throne, Visual Panorama, Focus As Fuel, Mirror-Like Awareness



The queen is on her throne tonight, visited by a most lovely sprite who reminded me that Focus is Fuel. I have no intention of fueling the co-created craziness out there but my attention tonight is placed solely on bringing in what is New yet Immortal, but New again, a Fresh Start and planting it into the ground. The candles are lit. The gentle color of sky blue “Ah” and the most fragrant color of soft yellow “Oh” are here. They stream into the screen and back out into the room and out the screen door to the little chaya spinach tree I re-potted in the courtyard. There are so many different energies, so many different groups, so many different agendas, curiosities, entities and so little harmony. The whole nation’s spirit is swept this way and that.


Eat Air.

I got a dose of it inadvertently just last night at the dining table over a bowl of grapes and mandarin oranges. My friend was over and how quickly she got fired up over politics and pipelines and something about redwood groves. She had so much stored energy and it was all focused on conflict and chaos and I couldn’t help but wonder where all that valuable passion was going. Where can it go but away from her and to the places and people I guess she’s focused on and into the collective stream of old ways and old paradigms. I tossed a green seedless at her and switched her attention to yoga. We’ve added Yin Yoga to our practice, it is movement without moving. Opening up the deepest areas in the joints. Amplifying wavelengths that are hidden and healthy and there inside everyone, insights that transcend perfection and have tiny wings with which to flutter and find.


Tip of the Iceberg

It is a playful endeavor to reverse the reversers and reverse the reversals that seem to surround us, delivered by screens and media. I’ve become an Observer of those who try to observe and interfere with me but cannot quite see. I watch from a second body in which I live powerfully. It’s the game of undoing untruths and flipping the truth back on its right side and the game of undoing the subconscious tracks that false-hoods run on. A single observation changes the entire grid and lights up worlds. This is the time of year in America, every year, when Old Paradigms get dumped on the masses, yanking at heartstrings and at made-up guilt, guilt sitting dense among many emotions surrounding anxiety and fear that are not real to humans, but inserted. It’s as if we live in an old butter churner and some uninvited humanoids come along and start churning away. Unless the screens are turned off. And the phone sits idle. And only the body tunes in to its deep wisdom, a cosmos in blood and organ, resonant with the extraordinary New Future that awaits this planet.


Just Have Fun.

I can be the crowned queen here in the background where every purpose of every Light Being is spontaneously accomplished throughout the country and around the globe. Queens and Diving Kings and Queens with fine sensory distinction skills. I can sit on the throne and command Even Flow. I instruct the cavalries to do their thing, to let negatives and their material counterparts be zapped and be gone. Be blown apart when they steal DNA and drown in their deceit. Let the politicians drone on the surface, let the media brew the same old problems and the same old messages, the same old ways of the same old world. I prefer to be invigorated by the winning team instead. I embody a Sovereign Power and what a Good World to live in, where The Many discover what it feels like to live in this New World while the old patterns and the old wars simply eat their way into nothingland.

There’s so much playing to do and so much time. So many opportunities to practice detachment and to choose who I will play with in my royal playground. I can hardly wait to wake up again tomorrow with a smiling heart. I can hardly wait to meet my new playmates. XXO and freedom for all.


Can’t Touch This! Gone Playin’


Saturday. A beach side wedding. Our agnostic friend marries a presbytarian ministeress. We are so happy to see them come together!



Our thriving Christmas Senna, host plant to the cloudless sulphur butterfly.


Sunday. Organic Gardening on our Banana Bay campus. Our townhome is tucked in way on the other side but Adela and I are found here frequently among the newly planted lime trees, herbs, strawberries and vegetables.


Monday. Trick!! Adela has no idea today is Halloween but last week she went into her dress-up trunk and asked if she could go to the store as a mermaid. Sure, why not.



For my Dad. Who to this day trains in non-compassionate wrath, moving deeper in his understanding of the human body and of the underworkings and undermining efforts of negative viruses in and around this planet. Who walked with the Angels of Edgar Cayce and who shares his knowledge with me now. The Future awaits him.



For my mother. Who was and still is a mother of Boundless Light and whose ancestors continue to surge forward. Who suffered the worst of psychic manipulations and attacks throughout her life and for whom I make every choice, clearing the path into a planetary future filled with Love, Sweet Songs and Pure Focus. For all of my ancestors throughout all of time.




For Mary Daly. And for The Lady, The Original. And for my husband, our families, our friends, the friends we don’t know yet and for this country from which the future shall emerge.


Adela says…


Lift the Shades!











To the Spirit who lives and breathes in all Elemental be-ing

To the Lady of Words of Power who communicates herSelf through the inadequate images-from Isis and Ishtar to Our Lady of Bourguillon

To the Muse in Metamorphosing women whose Presence inspires the Realizing of our own powers of creation finally, now, and always

And to the divinity in true men…

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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever! heartyup@gmail.com

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