Weather Warfare, the Brat in Hurricane Matthew, Alternate Reality and The New World

So far this year has been a most amazing, mind-blowing, time-compressing year and it’s not even December. Spirits, Angels, E.T.’s and a most exquisite universal design. I’m wired. This is THE time to be in human form.

I love living in Cocoa Beach and I love hurricane season. It is exciting and the community here is prepared. The talking heads of the negative-owned mind-manipulating-media can’t quite change the reality of what people actually experience in the world. A small percentage perhaps horrific, a very large percentage helping one another and enjoying the ride, or unaffected altogether. 

lost-and-found-2-hurricane-matthewOur family doesn’t have a television or social media accounts, we rarely get online and when Bruno and I heard about the hurricane (we were in Peru at the time, a friend messaged: “Hey! I hear it’s going to get windy in Florida!”) we re-confirmed that we wouldn’t watch the news or listen to the radio, but get all the information we needed by talking with our neighbors or with folks along the way. This method works like a phenomena. It is the most perfect way to filter and discern events without the big drama, graphics and repetition on screens and also makes it very easy for Spirit Guides to get their messages through.

In general, my husband and I are committed to a no-drama life which requires lots of daily mini-choices between work or family or community. But these mini-choices apparently build a kind of equity over time – the kind that actually matters. So when it comes to a big attempt to shove collective drama onto the individual as is the job of media, we have all the habits in place to create an Alternate Reality. Many, many people do.

The time is ripe to cut off ties to the material and low-visual world. What is the point of being a human right now. What is the purpose. To take back the Collective Mind. To disallow the manipulation of The Collective Mind. To take back the Collective Subconscious Mind as this is where the manipulations begin, and One Nation together and connected with the movements of Universal Good can be THE most powerful entity this planet has ever witnessed. (yay)

Here’s my little diary on our experience. I just pulled up some of the news headlines related to the hurricane and picked out a few to title my photos. I don’t know how anyone can work in that industry.

October 4, 2016 (Tuesday) – Took our red-eye flight from Lima at 11:45 p.m. and arrived in Fort Lauderdale early on Wednesday October 5th. This was an easy, easy trip for us from plane, to rental car (the ladies there remembered us and it’s always nice to catch up with strangers), to the drive further north to Cocoa Beach. And not because my husband and I are lucky, but because there are teams and teams of Spirits, Angels and E.T.’s assisting every human around the world these days. Tuning in to that vibration is as easy as closing one’s eyes for a moment or two. The clear current is right there all the time and has a strong forward motion.



October 5, 2016 (Wednesday) – We arrived in Cocoa Beach with plenty of time to bring all of my plants inside, furniture and loose odds and ends. Prior, when we left for Peru, I had the brilliant idea of turning off the electrical switchboards. I was sure to do each room individually and was sure to leave the A/C circuit on. We arrived home after flying through the night and driving through the morning and opened the door to the smell of thawed soups and sauces and I realized OH CRAP! I turned the refrigerator off! So for 10 days or so, a nice puke brown collected in the bottom of our freezer and fridge. I jumped right in to filling up trash bags and spraying the inside and mopping up the crap stew with any towel I could find. Ironically, this worked in our favor since the power was expected to go off during the hurricane and I highly doubt that tossing out produce and chocolate sauce would have occurred to us. Sometimes the best gifts smell rotten. Appearance isn’t everything.

I walked over to Publix to pick up some fruits and vegetables, ham and cheese and crackers for the road. I spoke with one of the regulars there and he said he was staying in his condo. He recommended I fill up our bathtub to help with flushing our toilets and in case we needed the extra water. Folks who have lived in Cocoa Beach for decades know that inevitably, the media will hype up the hurricanes but that the builders and architects haven’t cut corners. Cocoa Beach is tucked into its own little pocket. Also, NASA is located in Cape Canaveral (a step away), so with the HAARP and geo-engineering technologies etc. we feel pretty darn confident that ultimately no real damage is going to occur here on the Space Coast. But then again, NASA and aliens go hand in hand…


Bring on the Storms

My older brother and I have always loved storms or any event that interrupts the hum drum of a schedule. We use to get up early and look out the windows for any sign that the snow would come down in sheets in Upstate N.Y. to give us a day off of school. That’s how this storm was not only for me, but for many in my community – a chance to break up the droning of a clock-driven world. These situations also provide opportunity to connect with other human beings and to be of service to them. Adding to that the fact that surfers chase hurricanes for the waves made both Bruno and I want to stay put in our home. I love thunder and lightning and rain and wind and the excitement in the air. And I knew that our home would be safe and secure. And he would have snuck out to be in the ocean. But when a child comes into the picture – and Adela is here to stay – there’s a no-risk policy in place.

heading-clearwater-beach-hurricane-matthewBruno and I were strangely energized – we had the enthusiasm and strength of some 25 year olds which is an interesting note on the system upgrades that the human body has been receiving. He went ahead and finished bringing the plants inside, then got on the phone to call hotels. Everyone he spoke to was kind and professional, but there wasn’t much availability. Lots of locals had already left either to friends’ houses inland or to hotels elsewhere. I think Orlando is a popular area to go, but we wanted to capitalize on the extra vacation time and experience the west part of Florida. He said to me: “OK. Here’s the number I’m calling (it had eights in it) – this is the lucky number.” So he called the Hampton Inns/Hilton line and nothing was available anywhere between the east and west coasts but as he was talking to the gal, a single cancellation popped up on her computer – #802. Cool! We booked the very last room in Clearwater Beach, FL and high-fived each other. We slept like babies.

October 6, 2016 (Thursday) – We let Adela sleep in, enjoyed the distant thunder and gentle rains, made coffee, talked about how wonderful our community is, how beautiful Peru is. Walked outside to throw the trash out and bumped into a couple of neighbors who were staying in their townhomes despite the call for evacuation. They had been through all this before. We gave them big hugs, exchanged phone numbers and watched them roll shopping carts back over to Publix and do some last minute tie-ups and tie-downs for absentee owners.

As we drove on A1A north out of Cocoa Beach to 528, one of the surf shops was all boarded up with plywood and had a spray painted message: SURF’S UP! with a picture of a wave and a smiley face. My husband and I pointed around as we passed a few cars heading IN to Cocoa Beach with surfboards strapped to the tops – typical, we knew that surfers would ignore warnings and chase the waves.



As we were driving toward west Florida, I thought to myself – there’s nothing natural about this storm. There was a tangible whine in the winds of Hurricane Matthew – a sort of “Waaaaah, I’m not getting my way!” timbre in the fields of this storm. But if I listened even closer to the atmosphere, I could hear a whole team whining in the magnetic fields, a whole alien nation that had lost the world championships and their kicking and screaming could be heard for miles. My husband flipped on the car screen to hook up his phone’s bluetooth and the Sirius Menu popped up. It read: “Morning MashUp – Heathens” Oh god, I had to smile to myself – and there are some Ladies who would get a laugh out of that too. Right away, I knew I was Fully Validated by this exact hurricane, by all the falsehood surrounding it, by the very creatures manipulating it, and I was completely assured that my vision is 20/20 with peripheral vision made of an even keener sense. [The Lost History of Womankind Sociopath]

Weather warfare is clunky. It’s a big elephant in a porcelain shop, from HAARP to the Harpy witches and magicians to the Itty Bitty Shadows and Parasitic Aliens who operate them. These creatures are a cesspool in the underworld of this planet, inside this planet. They are the puss in the earth. I have no pity for any of them. The earth needs an enema.



Spirits, Angels and E.T.’s belong here. Aliens do not. I wrote somewhere recently that the most obvious ways that The Underworld access the human/civilized world is through electrical circuits, outlets and computers are used to enter and re-trace. But after this hurricane, I take that back! Clearly, the most obvious way is through the manipulation of atmosphere – weather “catastrophes” – and their media hype. These types of aliens NEED to go to planets where there are humans because to the rest of the Universe, their “Ways” are totally unimpressive and childish. They’re unimpressive and childish here, too. Hurricane Matthew is like a 14-year-old bully in the playground showing off his/her skills to that little 3-year-old in order to feed its ego and to have an audience clap. But I say, play with kids your own age – they’re right here in fact on the same playground. Take a look at how you really size up in the real world, in the bigger world, in the Real Other World.



These aliens and their human counterparts who prey off of humanity re-define the word pathetic, I don’t think there is a word in the Oxford Dictionary that quite describes how truly pathetic these creatures and their secret societies are. “Look at me popping wheelies little kid! Look at me! Look! Look at me, human! Feed me, feed me!!” I think many of us sit on the park benches and see how absurd this obsession and behavior is, how absurd the structures under which we live are, we laugh at the arrogance and the ego. But one day, some no-shit taking Dad is going to get up and smack those bullies straight across their heads and leave them bleeding on the cement. And no one will come to their defense. Everyone will be thinking: “Dang, if he hadn’t done that, I was just about to.” Know thy place, bullies, or be put there.


millions left in the dark

I was One and I danced in the night at 11:30 on Thursday October 6th, and I am beyond fortunate to experience this. Nothing is asked of me but to be exactly who I am in this moment, to be a loving mother and a strong partner, to serve my community, to care for my body. And when I feel like it, to write here and there.

October 7, 2016 (Friday) – This was our day to relax. I bought carrot sticks and celery and cup-o-soups so we could eat in our suite and those wafer bars with sugary stuff in the layers. We let our daughter watch some Disney and I tell her all the time that those characters steel her imagination and that we don’t buy clothes with t.v. show characters on them. And she gets it. She repeats it. So I feel o.k. although Disney really does know how to latch on to a



kid’s brain. Their research and execution is sharp, but rather than Amish-ify her, we let her use technology and instruct her simultaneously knowing that she’ll make good choices later. Here’s something that Adela hears frequently: “Don’t get sucked into the screen. Be stronger than the screen. Even if you think you want to watch more, turn it off when I tell you to.” And she really does get this. There was that (approximate) 3-4 day training period when we had to put in the time and patience and not give in to her (huge) protests, but after that, she has been so good at accepting our direction. Now when she uses her iPad and shares it with a friend, she’ll come to me and say: “Mama. So-and-So got sucked into the screen! I tried to talk to him three times and he didn’t hear me!”



She puts it together. And I tell her to help him be stronger than the screen and to turn it off. And she does! So, these kids are smart. They’re coming into the world with all kinds of systems that haven’t been seen here before, and helping them to stay true to their programming and not get re-wired by institutions and entities is a full time job. Being a parent looks so easy on the outside. Lots of respect to moms and dads out there with all their different responsibilities.

My friend, Barb, sent this text to me in the evening: HURRICANE UPDATE 5:52 p.m. October 7, 2016: Cocoa Beach residents can return to their homes! So sorry for the delay but public safety was the top priority. From Fire Chief Duckworth: There is no power or sewer right now. FPL has identified the problem and will have it fixed in one to two hours.

And there you have it. Truly, a drama-free, secure and safe “Destructive Matthew Impacting Florida” story for the masses. Yes there are casualties and Yes, there are not casualties as well.



October 8, 2016 (Saturday) – I woke up early around 5 a.m., got up and went down to the Hampton Inn lobby for a cup of coffee and cream. There was a tall and built guy down there, he reminded me of my Polish grandfather, and he was barefoot. As we dressed up our drinks I told him it was great to see him without shoes, especially in a hotel! And that I walk barefoot all day long until I have to go to a store. His eyes twinkled and he laughed and said “Yea! It feels good, doesn’t it!” And I said “Yea, it does feel good! It’s nice to have freedom!”

There was a big television screen in the lobby as I sipped my coffee. Some local with a house a mile from the beach was contacted. Apparently he had weathered the storm there. When the reporter interviewed him and asked him why he decided to stay he said – “Well. I found the predictions reported on the news to be nonsense. I didn’t believe that this hurricane was going to do what the reporters kept saying it was going to do, the trajectories weren’t right either. It didn’t make sense, so I stayed in my house.” Brilliant. I walked to the big outdoor patio overlooking the water and finished my coffee there. That was enough news for me.

hurricane-matthew-go-home-drunkThe hotel was very accommodating and had given us the option to either stay another night or check out with no penalty. We decided to head back to see if anyone needed help, to start cleaning up the branches and bark, and to bring my butterfly planters and wind chimes back outside. But no one here needed help! Except for my fern tree, the top branches got broken off. The association had already scheduled workers to collect debris and the little fix-up projects had already begun. We noticed that some of the gas stations and local businesses had signage that had blown over, or letters missing from their ads and the trees had that Madonna 80’s hair do, blown out to one side. But there was no big change to the landscape, nothing devastating for sure.

I have every confidence in the Spirits, Angels and E.T.’s surrounding and at work on this



planet. They are in control regardless of how robotically our experiences here have been manipulated and regardless of what the televisions and screens are desperate for us to believe. They work miracles – they will deflect storms both big and small – and my only job is to enjoy the ride and see the lighter side of things. I set the intention that every person I came across during this particular saga – Hurricane Matthew Episode I – I’d gift with a smile and with bright eyes. It doesn’t cost a thing. Every person we encountered gave us the same exact gift back and then some.

The more these “natural disasters” can be drawn out – the more these aliens and circles and societies rear their ugly heads – the faster and faster they are tracked and neutralized. Human beings must continue giving clear permission for this. Hurricane Matthew only appears to have been a big show of potential disaster, but behind the behind-the-scenes, these groups participated in their own demise. They are out of their league when it comes to the forces present. And yes, politicians will probably jump on another fabricated environmental/climate change platform. And yes, the media will probably push a sympathetic plug toward native americans or aboriginals in attempts to bring the masses into a state of trusting people who should not be trusted. But our only job – as tensions increase on the surface and casualties seem to accrue, as the media rampantly continues its sole purpose of instilling fear and conflict, as terrorism and wars break out, our only job is to step aside into the alternate reality that exists. I’m not a warrior this time around and I don’t know warfare. I can sit back and let these Spirit, Angel and E.T. beings do what they’re designed to do while the rest of us become a growing organism, taking back what’s ours.


Matthew Loses Hurricane Status

The planet is hostess to two worlds now – one Old and one New. Both exist but only the New World is secured and gaining spin. If human beings choose to be manipulated and traumatized, they will remain in the Old. If human beings choose to go through the temporary pain but rewarding process of extracting themselves from the Old, then they will receive their step-by-step guides. I’m not the only person who enjoyed the opportunities presented by Hurricane Matthew, most everyone I know enjoyed the break from the hum drum and the coming together of families and communities. And those who did not have that choice, in this country and in others, they have the support that they need to cross the bridge, the time gap. And those who live in circumstances and in countries where there is no choice, their lives are not in vain. This awareness should be enough motivation for others to stop complaining about the wrong things and to start participating in the creation of what’s New.


she insisted on carving pumpkins the night we got home!

In all honesty, Adela makes bigger messes than this hurricane did. Some people may still be buying the “expert opinions” of talking heads but that foolery is changing with every blink of the eye. One of my friends texted me from Cocoa: “Everything is normal here. It wasn’t a bad hurricane! Where are you?” I told her “We’re home! All is good here. Baking cupcakes.”

If every single human being on this planet suddenly had a switch go on in them – the “I am not made to be a slave. I am not made to experience stress without rest. I am not made to kill other human beings. This is not my culture. This is not my war.” – Guns and Folders and Coins heard dropping around the world – then those who have chosen to align themselves with the scum aliens


hurricane matt-o-lantern

in this planet and the hooded bitches and bastards who do their bidding will really fucking shit bricks in their suits and ties, their cloaks and regalia. You have no idea what is underneath the skin of “civilized people” of “common people”. And I can only suggest that if you have been preying off of humanity, and you still actually think that you will continue to do so, there goes your fate. You’re making it easy for us, because those switches are already in place.

The individual, the family, the community, the world nation is choosing to create quietly, invisibly and with no need for public display, letting the image of what’s happening in the world Fall and Fail. I don’t need a big screen, a big hurricane and a media entity to announce how terrifying I am. I prefer to terrify in stealth. Engage the creative process. free-smiles-hurricane-matthewHere in America, choice still exists. We are the ones with the opportunity to Be Causality, removing the images from our daily lives, destroying the material falsehoods, the dramas and pointless posts, creating the Feeling of all that is Good with small, seemingly unimportant choices. We can capitalize on every single experience or obstacle in its actuality and be neutral. The message from my childhood, that everything I’ve experienced has not been real, this is true, this is true, this is true. Let the body heal itself, wear those scabs and scars like natural jewels, be aligned with invisible forces. Choose the Lifestyle carefully, diligently and say “I do” to the planet and “I will” to the Spirits, Angels and E.T.’s in the New World and your switches will go on. You will be lit up like no being has ever been lit up before in history and we’ll be able to see you from miles and miles away.…I’m sending free smiles to everyone. Please pass them on! XXXO

*A note to South America and to Antartica. Thank you for the gifts. I received them and will explore their potentials. Namaste.

**To our brothers and sisters in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, U.S. East and in other places and times affected by the “natural disasters” brought on by these hideously anti-human creatures and their minions, may the Lady of Powerful Words imbue your speech and may the Double-Bladed Axe accompany you.


for The Lady


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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever!

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