Emoliente, Cow Heart, Andes and Family

Bruno flew in from Seattle in mid-September and the three of us jumped down to Peru to visit with friends and family. We stayed in Miraflores, visited Barranco (bought some fantastic children’s books there and went to a micro-theater show) then stayed in Cineguilla for a few nights where the air to me was like a warm liquid going down. I love, love, love Cineguilla.

It wasn’t the food, it wasn’t the culture, it was the playground that mattered on this trip. We would pick up coffee and churros at Monolo’s then watch our daughter thrilled to meet other children and excited to show us what new playground skills she picked up. For hours.

His family shows their love with food and it was delicious – and also not what I’m use to – big meals twice a day is sooooooo much but how fun to sit around a table talking and laughing. Last time we were in Peru I became a fan of cow heart (anticuchos) and ceviche which we made a point to enjoy on the off hours.

This was a smooth sailing trip and the people of Peru that we spoke to are on point with the new vibrations coming in, a beautiful time to be here. XO


Bandada, by Garrido & Hernandez (Spain), story of industry collapsing on society but the family and heart as the living beginning of what’s next…beautiful illustrations, single simple sentences yet sophisticated concepts. Wonderful gift for adult or child. In Spanish.


Huac Pucllana ruins


Adela did her ancient Egypt dance no matter what ruins we saw.


Bruno, his Abuela Flor, Me & Adela


I have a hundred photos of this dance.


The Captain of the Middle Skies, by Fito Espinosa, about a boy whose imagination allows him to travel and invent from the heart and who at first is outcast by his town but later embraced by the community through a mysterious turn of events. Wonderful gift for adult or child. In Spanish.


More Food! Bruno’s cousin Melissa, Adela, Bruno, Me, his Abuela Flor, Abuela Techi and Tio Manuel (an engineer)


At the fountain park (Parque de la Reserva) next to the international footbol stadium. Delightful at night, magical, we took the little train ride and then walked around and through the water sculptures.






The Invisible World, by Fito Espinosa, what a surprise this book, so ahead of time about a little girl who can see the invisible world. We get to experience one day with her as she wakes up and walks to school. Excellent gift for adult or child. In Spanish.


At Monolo’s in Miraflores before heading for a walk to the park.



This park was charming. There were cats everywhere but somehow it wasn’t disturbing! It was fun to count them and to see them nestled in the flower beds and under trees. The locals enjoy their company. We did too…


More playground, punks.


Fun drive to Cineguilla. Gorgeous.


Me, Adela, Bruno, his Abuela Claudina, Tio Francesco and Tia Mary. And their hairless Peruvian dog, Huasca. All sweethearts.




Horseback riding in Cineguilla.


This was our go-to restaurant/cafe in Miraflores at Larcomar called POPULAR. There was a playground just above with Paddington Bear statue and views of the city.


I did not know that the character Paddington Bear came from the “deep dark jungles of Peru” and migrated to England. Interesting.


We took cabs while in Miraflores. We stood outside of the cab while Bruno talked to the driver and agreed that the price was fair before getting in. Most of the drivers are fair. Only 1 or 2 wanted to up their price and we passed. These are good people though, so many good people live here. The driving is insane. On one ride, it was a 4-lane highway but the drivers turned it into a 6-lane! Everyone knows what they’re doing though and I felt really safe despite the nutty-ness.


Gotta love a red-eye flight. Adela slept, Bruno and I got to hold hands and share stories, seemed to go by in a blink!


Bye everyone! See you in a few months…XO



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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever! heartyup@gmail.com

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