Lost History of Womankind Sociopath, Shaman or Seidr Magician


New Eyes

My husband and I created possibilities for each other this year around Freedom and Expansive Awareness and whoosh, its taken him to the other side of the country and its taken me to the other side of the estuary. We could not have guessed how shocking? marvelous? bewildering? glorious? the cold-water-wake-ups would be. I guess this is the age of massive growth but there’s a lot of skin to shed in the process.

I’ve been particularly moved by a 7-month correspondence with a Native American Shaman-Man or behind the scenes I realized, known better as a black magician, reminding me a little bit of Bill Cosby in his deceptions and motives. It was odd. I had no idea what I was about to experience with this guy. I didn’t know much about him, just that I was interested in the stories of “women’s history” that he was presenting on his websites. So I went to a Gathering that was announced in August 2015 and found myself there in the conference room with a group of ten or so, slightly bored with what turned out to be less about the Lost History information that I found so invigorating and more about his personal stories. He seemed a bit full of himself to say the least, not at all what I expected. On the last day we all danced in a circle as a group, and then He and I danced in the circle alone, and it seemed like an OK experience nothing leaving an impression…yet. There was an impression being made that I was unaware of.

BlackMagic1Something happened when I got home to Florida. Lots of things happened in fact from that Sunday night on. For a couple of weeks it was as if I was walking around in a 3D omniplex – images and voices and vibrations surrounded me pretty much day and night, time was bending, I was falling, I saw and felt in extremes. I’ve never been one for drugs or alcohol, but I suspect there is a drug out there that effects this kind of Wonderland. And I can say now honestly that I’ve experienced that word “TRIPPY” without a mushroom in sight. I was living in a Dali painting outlined with regalia and ghosts and forbidden tantra. In addition, my mind began to bleed.

So I’m back to my life in Florida just after that weekend – and this was interesting to me – the “shock” tactic he used – something that people with an experience in shamanic tricks-of-the-trade would maybe find typical – but he contacted me via email and essentially began a most bizarre ambush of the senses. He wrote strange over-the-top lovelike stuff and then would slam these big “chest pounding” proud-to-be-an-indian type emails, then he’d write a short, kind note, then he’d lecture me on something I wrote that was “wrong” and it was so strange the constant push and pull which I hardly think I inspired at all. It was coming from him and if the point was to disorient me, it worked. It upset me terribly, it upset my family, and I didn’t even – and still don’t – know who this guy was! We had never emailed before, just here and there when I ordered a disc or book. He behaved as a big, old, crazy bear sending all sorts of erratic messages – I guess sniffing too many different campfire scents from who knows where and going a little bit frantic. Now. This was such a purely different personality than the one he presented and presents in public, so different from the one I believed. This felt wrong to me on every level and after a few weeks I pushed back. Especially after his group kept violating my privacy by showing up at 2 in the morning at the foot of my bed – annoying their gossip. They should wear necklaces with a “No Astral Ethics” warning at the very least. I didn’t want to be emailed or contacted and I spoke to a close friend of mine who said two words to me that woke me up a little bit: Spell. And Seduction. To clarify her own extraordinary craft, she’s a quantum touch healer and has such artistic skill and more access to rounded information on any given day than I do. So I left it. That was it.



A week or two passed and I visited my very good friend and Sifu (Hung Gar Master), and I told him about dancing in a shaman’s circle and he laughed a big hardy laugh and exclaimed: “Uh Oh!” He laughed again: “Uh Oh Marybeth!” And I laughed too and I batted him: “Why? Why?!! What do you know that I don’t know? How do you know about these things?!!” And he just laughed and he said: “The Spirit World, Marybeth. This guy is using you for something.” He said: “I don’t know who this shaman is, but he thinks you’re alone.” He shook his head: “You have to know yourself before you start messing around with a shaman’s agenda. You have to know what your own path is.” I stepped back. “What do you mean I don’t know myself? I know myself!” And he chuckled and was so healing in his presence that I dropped it and we moved on. He’s a big, shining panther of a man and one of the most calming too. I was feeling emptied, distraught, confused. I saw him again months later at a winter holiday party the night before my Dad passed away and this Sifu looked at me and shook his head and said: “Marybeth. That shaman running around out there in the desert, I don’t know who he is but he thinks you know less than you do.” He turned to a Florida Shaman who was standing there with us and said to him: “She sees things.” He waved his hand around in the air and they smiled. And I thanked him. I hadn’t brought it up and so took note of what he said. I hadn’t told Sifu, but I was in fact wrapped up in another round of emails with the shaman-man again. After I ended the initial contact sometime in September, something happened that opened up more correspondence shortly after, only this second time I had those two words in my head: Spell. And Seduction.

 …Angel, My Angel, this may sound too familiar but according to the Udughan an Angel is someone who comes from out of nowhere and changes a person’s life in a heartbeat. Certainly, you have done that…


The Rabbit Girl

Watching the correspondence unfold over those few months, patiently observing as only a patient parent could, the thickness of it, the plasmic effects, the shape-shifting messages, the compression, the withdrawals, the strategies, mohana. I had begun processing the experience from a place known by Elemental Feminists as “The Background,” and I could barely believe my own eyes and ears. By the way, “The Background” would be a viewpoint from which a woman might be on the outside looking in at an experience or circumstance while being fully engaged in it simultaneously. For this purpose, it requires the discipline of moving her point of view to stabilize a strict analysis and is practiced radically by those mentored in the lineage of Mary Daly – the biophillic academic and radical feminist philosopher who tackled the breakdown of infrastructures, coining one such theme as Sado-Sublimation, strategies used via cultures to manipulate the subconscious mind thus keeping a woman in place, incapable of hearing or perceiving her own Valid Voice or the voice of cosmic others. And now I realize, some shamans or perhaps all of them, enter primarily the subconscious doorways, poking around where they were not invited, distorting and confusing, visiting without asking, keeping one in a state of tidy hypnosis with ulterior motives, maybe even bringing several minds under one control and for any number of reasons. Or perhaps, this is only the sinister way, the ways of seidr magic.


Get your life purpose here. It’s easy!

But what a typically dirty and old trick, whether a corporation committing crimes behind a slick PR image or here, an individual using “Native American Culture” to set up a public persona or fantasy in order to use women for varying goodies from their money to professional skills to sexual energies to career contacts, it’s the ultimate Seduction Game: each civilized woman kept in different parts of the overall web, all brought into a carefully controlled correspondence in order to drip, drip, drip them for whatever they’re worth. Each treated with different dialogues depending on the value of what it is she brings to his table and the longevity of her willingness to provide. She brings offerings. She is a groupie. A veritable beck and call girl. And the spells thicken and stretch, he fascinates in the subtle body and the heavenly grid. I like to think there will come a day when women realize that we are not cows, obligated to let multiple entities milk from our sagging teats. And I like to think that I would be so grounded in my own soul that I would be able to cleanly and vividly watch such things without getting pulled into the mess, yet my glasses kept getting fogged up. I knew what was going on and I also could not possibly know what was going on and I found myself at times in a state of fascination. The skill of a lost sorcerer embedded in plasma. The entire operation is controlled folly at best. But how is it that I could possibly make such sweeping generalizations about a pseudo-popular Native American Star Warrior? By the way, he never does admit which side he is on. And the truth of this detail would undoubtedly collapse a trusting public. Hidden in plain view.

…I can only add to your life, not take from it…no one has more fire for you than I…

He never does admit what exactly he “adds” to a person’s life either. A naive person would automatically think it could only be something good. But think again. Back to Professor Daly though, this wicked woman laid down cornerstones of analysis from which women today can leap and strengthen the muscles of mind and body through an organized method of Being, requiring Naming, Speaking and Acting/Creating. To distinguish, this is woman as Verb.



Sorry, I cannot say enough about her. Just one more sentence, please, because I find women today and in history to be just…more than I could ever really hope to be…I remember her on campus, loud and obnoxious, clear and direct, she never played the part of polite professor, breaking up the expected behaviors and breaking up the radio waves, obliterating restrictive roles – continually. Come to think of it, she was shemanic in this way, sort of shaking things up. She and Other Women throughout time, have always shaken things up and have broken through lexicons so that those of us lazily stepping into the existing grids might gain momentum in our own lives and maybe even continue their work of ridding the rot. And from here is where I’ll write, so I apologize if the shell horn blares too loudly in these paragraphs. It’s nice to let thoughts rip sometimes.

OK now where am I in this tale of falling into a shaman’s web of spell casting and subliminal regressions. Oh, so I read the next series of emails, the written form of his craft (and it is only a craft) identifying the fantastical world he was creating hand-in-hand with the admonishment of “mere reality” – or the 4% as he refers to it – the world in which most of us live and which I find equally valid to the “96%” in which he prefers to “dwell and suck” – that 96% Dark Matter, very spiritual, very mysterious, very secret, very deep.

This shaman-man is so deep there is nothing there. The 4% and the 96%, of course, being no better than the other and both required to manifest The Whole or 100% or One in which so many warriors do real work every day, quickly drawing from or expanding either world.


Snot Boy

One can always inject one’s life with cosmic geometries and thus pop the edges repeatedly. The point was simple though in making his world seem so profound and mysterious and making my life and my world seem so boring and civilized – the point was to seduce. How does one stumble into such a sticky web through conscious conversation and email? I was drawn into a Magician’s dream with subtle nips, something that I couldn’t really explain, and so I went fishing in its depths and surfaced periodically on the other side to watch from behind, along with the shadows, the unfolding of a vast manipulation of Good Women, civilized only in their external form and far more rooted in a powerful life path than could possibly be perceived by a man who thinks he knows everything, or by those who hide in their holes and crystals. Those who do not show their faces and in hiding behind a Public Proud Man, lack the courage of The Civilized Woman. This group of elders, this circle, these Rokurokubi. Or perhaps this is exactly what their agenda is. And perhaps they aim to control the planet by taking such women off their paths with attempts to unlock their secrets.


Come on Baby Light my Fire

From developing a front of websites [lemonade stands selling coke] delivering a mixture of truth and temptation, to the initiations of unknowing, unsuspecting women with prerequisite “wet dreams” for those attendees of Gatherings, to the ensuing post-Gathering or apprentice correspondence steeped and wreaking of no Robert but Robert Greene’s exceptional works – The Art of Seduction, 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, which seem to be the mapping devices of this Native American and his Female Story-Gushing Elders. He is indeed the most fortunate man to have access to the insights and information shared in New Ways in the New World, as are we all so fortunate to live in this day and age. Knock on wood if there is any left.

The most fortunate man in the world to have a steady stream of Shakti. Ample opportunity to practice Stalking. The websites, by the way, are quite the Egyptian fantasy themselves and would make Cleopatra proud of the ecstatic lure, drawing in a variety of people to play with. But even the Lady in Blue would shiver at the image of a Secret Society attempting to fulfill their agenda by damaging so many in the process and in her name. The Civilized Woman of today not at all what she may appear to be. And using a left-hand path renegade with a family agenda no doubt chills the dolphins and whales themselves to the bone. To lure


Be Careful.

virgins and to sacrifice them to the skies, to the elders, to the circle, is an Old Way practice and quite rooted in misogynistic civilizations. This Native American is more civilized than even he knows himself to be, leaving a trail of disempowered women who will weigh him down for the next thousand years. All behind the guise of well, Old Ways and Shamanism. Anything is permissible behind this regalia, there is no responsibility for one’s words or actions or forceful magic, there is no acknowledgment of the Collective Female Experience in which all women participate everywhere now, including our Daughters, and which this greasy man and his greased up elders cruelly disregard. Sacrifice is a primordial art form, not a rape/cut and run – psychic rape, intellectual rape, emotional rape – blaming the victim is too common a theme with this group. The severe manipulation of women through her poles and psychic bodies is shameful. Perhaps his own biological daughter should experience such a thing. Maya may bend slightly with stories, but the truth does not. The Truth remains untouched and unforgiving and with optic nerves in tact. The destiny of Truth cannot be manipulated so easily by a circle of hags and their mangy mutt.

And regarding that phone number that only you, special you, the one that he treats so differently, with whom he has a special connection that only you, the elders and his family members have. Yes, that very special number that you should keep very secret and especially from your husband, that same number with texts that remain one screen shot away from yesterday’s scandal, yes that one. It is fun to think that you are special and different. It is lots of fun to watch a magic show.

Another typically used seduction tool, believe it or not, delivered by the Little Family Members and their Big Daddy is a highlight on cooking. Oh how he loves to cook and eat! Oh how he hopes one day to cook for you. And to eat you up! Ah. And if a woman is not aware of the importance of her own hygiene, the importance of the forces within the foods she eats every day, the electricity found or missing from her own meals, then to some this might be considered a seductive idea, having a self-important Magician cook the meals that become your cells and…this can also be a silent nail upon your Free Will’s coffin.


It’s not Kool

As with the sinister ingredients added to the developing correspondence, the attempts to subliminally sprinkle jealousy and competition into the drink mix with ambivalence and withdrawal, name dropping other women, stirring vidveshana, the potential tension creating quite a feast for this ravishing elder group, delicious negative energies that simultaneously drain and malnourish the women upon whom they feed. From city to city, from town to town, from island to island, sounds like a vampire movie. Sounds like a Parasitic Gathering Host. Well, it’s going on right here from the U.S. of A.. Trust me it is so strange even to write this out. I mean, I’m open to the metaphysical and I’m open to curious phenomena, but ultimately, I live in the real world respectfully. Yet, if you read The Art of Seduction, (which every parent should read if only to analyze media and institutions) you’d know the kinds of tactics I’m talking about here and if you’ve ever come across the long wands of black tantra magic, it all seems totally unlikely. The stuff of movies. I would never guess myself that these methods are alive and well. This is a show of reality. A real war taking place behind the television and you would never guess who some of the mongers are, the less obvious ones: an old group of Hel-bound women and their chosen front man, their hybrid wolf on a short leash. The same one who emailed and arranged to dance his native american dance for Lady Diana just weeks before her murder. I’m curious. I’m curious. I bumped into a Cat Woman. Lady Meow.

    …Seven warm kisses for you. Yours are the ones. Yes, Yes, More, More, Yes…


It’s on my plate

But Women as a Race – as a Collective Cosmos on this planet bearing the Collective Female Experience – through generations and generations of systematic spiritual, physical, psychic, intellectual and emotional dismemberment [*warning, soap box in corner, Mary Daly arriving] – through religious imagery of the powerful woman (goddess) kneeling before male saviors, through  everyday propaganda – the Starbucks sea goddess spreading her own legs with a smile on her face for the masses to drink and fuck, to the Target logo, a stalwart breast and tit upon which the masses may feed – Women as a Race have learned a submissiveness and selflessness that is not true to the Potent Female Potential. At some point we have to grab the horns of ancestrally passed and socially learned habits – of submission, of caregiving, of selfless mother, of listener, of no voice, of vessel for others to stuff, of being halved, of getting burned, of being drowned, of questioning that which should never be questioned. That is, questioning our own deep intuition and Naming Consciously those pacing and stuck truths which will eventually break and trample the innards if ignored. And for no other reason but to ride one’s own Spirit, for no other person or child or family member or friend should a woman want this radical shift, but for her own Singular Clarity, for the sake of her own Soul.

The only ones who try to interfere with this primal connection of Trusting Self are those with a covered agenda. My younger sister said it best when I told her about this shaman-man, she said: “If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right for you, MB.” Easy enough. But oh so difficult. I’m oh so curious. I was oh so corded, bind-ed, bound. I recalled an insight from quite a while ago, that there was something odd about the picture of a Lost History of Womankind fronted by a man. A man presenting the history of womankind can, and does, want only one piece of the woman – true as much now as it was then. A woman who tricks herself into thinking otherwise is either the fool, or spellbound.


…A silent thought for you tonight…I know you will feel it tonight…

I am close to my Dad in death. I have one Dad. Definitely not my “Father” but what a curious craft, the sex magi path, to watch uncurl, that the subliminal groundwork should be laid through the confidence of a sorcerer, that one should be “adopted” into a family held under the thumb of a fatherly magician, a family of orgiastic tendency under the Arizona sun slowly drawing potential initiates close without One’s Conscious Consent – it’s quite the subliminal effort, the effort of a mere Vildemann against a Civilized Woman. Using my Dad’s death as an opportunity to replace him was a quick maneuver. Especially since this particular woman, only one of many, many, many attempted and successful manipulations, is of and for the Race of Good Women, loyal not to the idea of a Shamanic Daddy-O but to the experiences of Sisters. And I recognize that a “Lesser Sister” he is not. Although using that term “Lesser Sister” would woo women into a false sense of trust, a mirage for the lost and searching sheep-girl within, looking for something larger than life, bleating for lost answers, following the “Lesser Sister” who is in fact a coyote, a wolf dressed in fluffy white drag. A Sister requires the experiences of Being Woman and this guy and the boys he takes on feedings are definitely deformed. The sentiment remains in the Female Collective to this Nagual and his Little Astral Boys Club in particular: “You’re good, but not that good.” You’ve learned how to trick women into giving permission and you take what is not yours. Congratulations, you’re going nowhere. Unless the deep jungles appeal to you.

…I love you. I trust you. I’ll be here when you return…

LostHistoryWomanThere are quite a few Little People in every sense of the word eager to please The Master. “Little” Family Members, destined to remain “Little” giving up free will for some hard willies and a life purpose, ignoring their own ancestors, abandoning their own genes. Face it, would any leader ever really teach the apprentice/disciple The Secrets? This idea of “sharing secret knowledge” is used to entice the public in general. The apprentices/disciples of a Master promoting the Old Ways are mere Followers, they will always be kept “smaller than” for The Keeper of Secrets knows very well that power lies in keeping the secrets, not in sharing them. A lesson no doubt learned long, long ago. And so, with carrots dangling in all directions, with women seduced by the idea of “walking beside this shaman” a “position that so many want and have asked for but none yet can have” (according to a mere mortal’s ego) and with Addictions Ripe throughout the Shared Unconscious (that is, addiction to the roller coaster, addiction to emotions, addiction to fantasies, addiction to heightened sexual energies, addiction to doubting ones intuition, addiction to distractions) with Addictions Ripe and unchecked by the Collective Female Mind and unchecked by the individual woman, the palpable environment therein laced with left bending sex magic and blessings from the Story-Gushing Elders on down will beget enough food to last the family and their seedy underground aunts at least this lifetime. And enough to fulfill One Ego. More, More, More. The most powerful food of all, of course, the Shakti of the woman and her Rhythms.

…harder, deeper, no mercy…Seven is good but Ten is better…

To re-cap vaguely: I guess the cover reason for even engaging me in a correspondence was to get me to start on a path to learn the Old Ways of Shamanism. A surprise. An honor really. I was flattered. I went to The Gathering to learn more about women’s history and did not even realize that this guy was a Shaman-Man. I didn’t know a thing about it. I must have been living in a cave, also known as full time motherhood. This idea in itself sounded quite balanced to me. Sure! It even made sense considering the little ways that I go about my days that I should learn more about shamanism. But my idea of what this would entail had something to do with observing and practicing and learning, not of being pushed around, manipulated and controlled. You must do exactly what he and the elders tell you to do. I understand that particular nuance of a tradition, I’ve practiced Hung Gar, I practice Hatha Yoga but do you trust them? The answer was a definite: NO. Absolute obedience in this group would be for pets, for dogs, and it all quickly raised the flag of cancer. This group is as greedy as a cancerous flesh. This is only my point of view though.


Ladies Of Fire. True Cancer.

To think of unsuspecting women, isolated from each other in fantastical little cells with visions of helping a poor and humble Native American Man spread the word (and legs) of a Lost History of Womankind is a royal idea, bejeweled, unseen and parasitic in nature. It appeals to the female ego of an internal ugly duckling seeking her own external beauty. Isolate, Divide and Cancer. It kept coming up, that flag went up and stayed up. The scientist David Bakan observed that the cells of cancer “are radically and manifestly removed from the telos of any higher level of order and are precisely those cells which are distinguishable from their cellular counterparts by a gross inability to communicate with other cells.” Vashikarana. Vidveshana. I would think that a true omnipresent group of highly skilled shamaness women as they claim to be would detect a cancer early in its manifestation. I would think that a true shaman would be able to identify this himself before a family member or partner died. Perhaps there is value in listening. Or of paying closer colloidal attention in between pissing contests on whose funnel cloud is bigger. As if the earth really needs more sorcerers messing with her atmosphere – this practice is all Ego. I am sure to the Udughan Secret Society of which this pathetic indian belongs, the death of a “Lady of Fire” via cancer is a particularly delicious meal. [*To those women who have interacted with Robert Morning Sky on any level, from a seemingly innocent inquiry email (it will start here) to simply ordering a product to asking a question to inquiring about a gathering to his seductions to sexual encounters over the past several years/decades see end of post.]

…So too, you must keep yourself healthy and take care of your own well-being…

A correspondence dripping with double-talk, role-play, secrecy, insinuated jealousy, isolation, and competition for a sliver of a man who delivers high wattage jolts into a body that is not properly releasing will in fact cause the cancer that kills them/that kills her/that killed them/and that killed her. Yet this group allows it. This group of wise elders are all above the law and above ethics and morals and care not about the health of their “ladies.” In fact, they go into a feeding frenzy once they latch on to a woman’s bodies. The agenda will ultimately plow over the individual woman, her husband, her family, her 4% and her 96% worlds regardless of the double-speaking sentiments. I’m not talking about the ladies on the outer circle who send money and give favors and get favors in return to Robert Morning Sky. Who send donations and pay his bills. They’re just puppets. Well trained with strings and cords stuck in their backs. I’m talking about the inner circles where the hands grope the materials. Where cords and syphons conjure up wounds and cause blockages from the pineal gland, to the throat, to the heart, to those two tubes at the uterus. An analogy aptly applied by Mary Daly in identifying the damages of isolation as related to Bakan’s observations and to women: “Those who construct and sell these cells (homes, schools, hospitals, doctrines, myths, et cetera [add websites, gatherings, stories, email correspondence] are precisely those who cannot communicate in biophilic and ontological dimensions. They attempt, however, to invade and manipulate those whom they imprison and poison. The result, of course, is a sick social “organism,” and a widespread sickness unto death among members of that society.” Over time though and one by one, “metamorphosing women (and men) are determined to leave the diseased organism of fatherland.” Fatherland encompassing, in this case, the Father, his Grandfather, and the Holy Ghosts of a prophecy fulfilling Native American hoax. Keep your hands and all associated fingers off my timelines lest each and every one of you is cut off completely from the grids.


Thank You

So it was August when the correspondence began and by mid-December when my Dad passed away, I read the sorcerer-man emails and listened to his voice on the phone with an alert intuition beyond my own comprehension, separating Me from the fiction. Yes, a seduction in this day and age of the Old Ways had been laid. I mean teenage romance type regressions along with all sorts of erotic magic tricks to suspend the girl in a dream, as well as other tactics to attempt making the target feel insecure, confused, submissive, self-doubting, jealous and a mess of other teenage-related emotions. But it ended here really, before it began in a way, the next few months would be the habit of sending or responding to emails and texts, and of me being hung with mouth open watching the unfolding blanks, but the whole sport really ended when my Dad died. He intervened decisively as it were. He performed one last heart surgery and caused an undeniable shift in the air that day forward. My Dad was a Cardiologist and a Healer, and still is.

…For years I have hungered for the one, say it! Be it! Rest now, Angel. Rest and know I will be with you…

And to wrap up this rambling story, it was on the last phone call that this sorcerer-man worked himself into an angry and domineering persona. He either genuinely got offended or feigned it and I’m just totally naive of all this sorcerer behavioral stuff, but when I expressed an opinion of women (whom he believes only knit pick each other and criticize each other and don’t listen to each other and only look at each other’s hair and lipstick and talk too much and are jealous of each other due to centuries of abuse ad nauseam) – his pelvicwords, not mine – but by disagreeing with this viewpoint, knowing a different web woven by women, by disagreeing with The Great Ego of Dated Experiences, he took personal offense to it. He really went off. I listened deeply. There was definitely something wrong with this Man supposedly a warrior for the empowerment of women, the fire of women, a Wild Man waving the flags of female freedom on his websites, there was something wrong with this Fancy Dancer literally and hypocritically holding women captive in an old paradigm, in an old idea of a petty existence, especially considering the very real powers of image and mind. This man is focused on the 85% of abused women who return to the abuser. Wanting them to return to him so that his underground secret society of ancient ones can feed. I am focused on the 15% of extraordinary women who break free. This is Old versus New. This is Evil versus Good. This is Ancient versus Future. I was also curious on this phone call as to why none of the Female Story-Gushing Elders or their apprentices were presenting The Lost History of Womankind with him – under the guise of course of some academic or general nobody woman, and this was also incredibly offensive to him. He took it personally, as if I was questioning his own merit, which I was not, I wasn’t even thinking about him. I was just curious. Why don’t these women show their faces? I mean, other than the old asian woman and the large marge who sit around shoulder to shoulder at the gatherings, gossiping through the airwaves. Or the family members whose bodies are used for “walk-ins” to spy on the women at gatherings. It is a legitimate and genuine question. It would address why they are throwing their nets into the civilized world and brutally tossing out dizzy and injured fish. He yelled at me. Bizarre. And I remember thinking to myself: “Jeepers. I would not want to sit next to this guy at the Thanksgiving table.”

Crab WaysThere’s nothing worse than walking on eggshells around people. There’s nothing worse than having words twisted around without any genuine understanding. There’s nothing worse in this world than a Man attempting to dominate a Woman. Actually, these are first-world complaints and hardly do justice. But it is what it is. I guess my small questions triggered unrelated frustrations that had been brewing for a while. But he hung up the phone on me and that was that. This soft-spoken, humble and wise Hopi/Apache Native American yelled away an hour and slammed the door shut. All in all, I didn’t say much on that call. It was a torrent of his own making. Perhaps he was frustrated that the rapidly advancing spiritual sciences and fractal technologies are eliminating too quickly the need for Keepers of Secrets, making the carrots of “there’s much, much more” and “I’m all you’ve got” obsolete along with The Great Ego delivering them.

He sent me an email the following day telling me good luck with my life and not to email again because I think I am more wise than this group of very, very wise elders. Elders = Ancient Ones = Parasitic Ancient Aliens = Ancient Cannibal Females = Anti-Human Warfare = Anti-Light Warfare. As if I was the one who started the whole thing anyway, I still don’t really know what the purpose was. And I know exactly what the purpose was. But with a blink of an eye, they were gone. And I felt such relief.


Find Slot in Next Machine

Especially after that violently percolating phone call, what kind of adult speaks to other adults that way? Perhaps it is far more common among the shaman and shamaness than I’m aware of. But I’ve seen children throw tantrums like that. At that point anyway, it just felt good for the whole experience to end. It really had been feeling…wrong, empty, cut off from a genuine core. A world of deception not for me, but no doubt many women (or men for that matter) are interested or would be interested in the dynamic of getting battered down in order to rise again…like a yeast infection. It’s a trick though, his family members are merely giving harbor to a rapist and a murderer, to a criminal of the underworld, each and every one of his family members and any individual or group associated with him from Little Jokiya to Elder Jokiya to Little Star to the Semsiye Elders whom she aspires to be like one day, to the accomplice rapists Little Bear and Little Apache, they are all guilty of crimes against humanity without question. So best wishes really to all of your Little Lost Souls and Elder Unclean Souls, jump at the chance to dance with that mysterious life purpose, believe in a romanticized version of Native American Man, bathe in those layers of eroticism and bliss, start on the Old Way path or join and watch The Astral Boys Club go at it. But know that the blood of our brothers and sisters around the world are smattered on your already dirty hands. Meanwhile, the rest of the many are centering and gaining spin in New Tidal Ways. “Thank you!” I replied: “I’m very happy not to be of your ways and of my own.” And this was the only truth I was sure of. That and the fact that I only eat cooked meals once a week. I prefer raw.

 …I will miss you tremendously…I think about you all the time…

The Old Ways of Shamanism, the Ways of “The Udughan,” revolve around sexual energies and practices, so he says. However, it appears that this group has purposely blurred the absolute lines and lineage that they preach to maintain so authentically, blending Sex Magic with Old Way Sorcery, using and taking advantage of human beings, cording them and covering their own tracks in the name of a true original society who banished this group long ago. And whose legends and stories are being used by Robert Morning Sky as bait and traps. The “Old Ways” of judgement, punishment and reward – original religion. I could respect a pure Magus, but a magus with a greed that exceeds is another hybrid altogether. And the secret society behind this sorcerer-man’s websites are eager to light and also eager to cut and sacrifice as many women as it takes – for generations. Watching a deception no less complex than those of institutions was an eye opener. To watch civilized women with a romanticized view of being part of something, of being part of “Native American Culture,” the Self Submissive and Ignorant Woman, seduced and used to forward both a secret society agenda as well as a magus-snake-man’s agenda, no doubt crossing each other in the middle somewhere, has to open one’s eyes. Especially someone like me, who roams about my butterfly garden and skips with my daughter, and is poetic in my thinking, and who has always been interested in women’s history and women’s experiences and who stumbled on this craziness quite accidentally. What I found when I got looped into their sick reality, when I looked up over my head at the blurred people below, was downright manipulation and an amorality that shocked me.

Lady Fish

Quietly, Quietly

Yet I have to say, all experiences in life regardless of the negative intensity can be woven in accordance with light, laughter and a true love for cosmic creation. I’m on a floating sting ray that would not have appeared so quickly had I not engaged in this walking nightmare and wake-up call. And if I had any insight on what is required of a man or a woman to become masterfully skilled in true old shamanism, then I should remain humble. Although true mastery is definitely not what I experienced with this man or this group. Either he’s another sociopath with another PR/propaganda spin or he’s another near extinct animal trying desperately to mate his children. I just know that getting whipped around in someone else’s dark dream reality could not possibly be sustainable. This is not the “other world” from which I come. Maybe in another three years I’ll bump shoulders with a different sorcerer in shaman skin, only I’ll be slightly more awake then. I suspect I will recognize the long-nosed wolf in sheep’s clothing before he bites off my head. At least then I may have a double-bladed axe ready. But if I had it my way of course, I’d just continue meeting up with uniquely skilled women and divine men.

I thought of John Trudell and of his wife, her mother, his unborn child and his children. I wondered what Mr. Trudell would think about all of this. His wife inspired a character in one of my books of short stories, things I write just to write. She is a burning heron in flight there in the pages. I wondered what Native American Women think of a traitor to their kind, how often they must see it or if they have another understanding of the wolves among them altogether. It is clear to me that each nation of Native American society is distinct from the next. The Apache Nation hardly deserves to continue on such a beautiful planet if Robert Morning Sky is any indicator of their way of seeing, acting and hunting.


One Dad, One Daughter

My husband was aware of the correspondence, acutely aware, as well as one of my very closest friends, and my daughter (at 4 years old) who was picking up on the foreign and fake love vibe in the air. I spoke of this shaman-man as I would a dear friend and considered him as such, despite the deceptions and the fact that we did not, and still do not, know each other. An old connection imploding rapidly in a worm hole. If it’s possible to be both softly sincere and acutely aware, then this was the matrix I was in: real, unreal and surreal, triple-headed. My husband was frustrated with me and conflicted, protective of his family of course, he noticed that I was “in another world” and one day he said something that surprised me. He said it was as if my Inner Spirit was gone. He had never known me to be so unclear, to have malfunctions in my compass. But this is exactly what the Morning Sky Operations do, they are an advanced group of witches/magicians and a woman will be dismembered, cut apart though breathing and alive. This group absolutely violates the Laws of Free Will on this planet. When it ended, my quantum touch friend mentioned that I should “clean off my energies” as I pulled them back. And my Sifu friend, well he’s still chuckling to himself. He would never say “I told you so” but…he told me so.

No harm done though the game was unfair. An interaction with a magician/sorcerer/shaman-man and the circle of witches who back him, who are One with other circles of sorcerers and witches who back crimes against humanity in this country or another may be harsh, erratic, odd, deceptive but in real ways if chosen as such, Absolutely Liberating – despite their own sinister agenda. I enjoyed the meeting and correspondence very much even though I was communicating with Nothing and the shadowy figures operating him. He was always playing a part and aren’t we all. But the sensation of “More Than” that I got from the correspondence was a lucky, lucky gift, I have to say, I didn’t deserve such an electrical and energetic experience. I didn’t deserve such genuine falsehood and much is different now. And I’m just at the beginning. Or just at the end.


End of Days

The Way of The Civilized Woman: eating, digesting, transforming and ridding herself of excrement. The brain of her abdomen as important as the brain in her head, saving the Amrit in time, no projections wasted from pole to pole. And even after whipping up this post, I must say I may not have a whole idea as to what this Lost History group is really, really up to behind the behind-the-scenes, nor does it matter. This experience was for me. The only thing I know is that I had to write and share this much of it, and what happens in Vagus stays in Vagus. So I’m sending yet another post adrift on the web where it can bob about barely seen, and if one woman finds it and has a lightning storm go off in her head (and not my good friend from college who called this guy a douchebag 12 times and reprimanded me for getting engaged)…if one other woman gets her tornado going no matter what her situation or story, then the Lady of Powerful Words will continue to smile on all of us. And that is enough for me.

  …Much love and truly yours, an Arc of kisses around your neck and Down, many hugs…

And welcome back, Marybeth.


*Hello! I wanted to share briefly as much as I can of what happened in the pranic field [astral plane, multi-dimensional planes] which ‘came to light’ fully after that last phone call. I was very, very lucky to have gotten immediately in touch with a very wonderful woman who knew right away what I had been experiencing and pointed me in some mind-blowing directions to find my own answers (love and light to you always, the power of sisters sharing, unbelievable the value). Of the women I’ve talked with, to varying degrees, it’s the same story.

But in a nutshell, what Robert Morning Sky is really up to with the Udughan Secret Society/Semsiye Elders is luring women (and some men), disarming their natural systems of destiny, work and defense, and cording them (psychic cord) to “feed” their life energies to him and his “family” – the ancient ones? the underground alien/ancient warfare? the Udughan Bitches themselves? the Negatives in the sky? All of the above! He pumps his “ladies of fire” up with addictive electricities then drains them or better for everyone, sacrifices them to the circle. This group is taking without asking and taking what does not belong to them. This group is hunting (with their ridiculous rituals and their dirty Arizona caves or Robert’s “man-made” cave in his office), luring (via email and websites through which this group travels and spies), trapping (literally they will trap the bodies of women), sampling (as in bio-warfare), they replicate (as a virus), they make “keys” to access the woman again even after “healing” work is done and their goal is to destroy not only human beings but to destroy the planet itself by destroying women and their Light Ancestry. Robert Morning Sky: Master Parasite. Cording her just long enough for the elders to get samples then he cuts her loose, wounded and trackable. This is warfare.

We are not batteries to fuel your agendas. We are not Strange Bombs.

The Circle of Witches (Semsiye Elders, Udughan Secret Society) that he is part of and works for are unclean souls. These “women” practice an advanced form of seidr magic and are behind the Morning Sky operations in totality. There is not a thread of good intention anywhere here, they seek to capture women of a certain light and DNA in order to derail and manipulate the destiny of the individual, destroy/eliminate their ancestral lineage, to steal the information in their DNA and to replicate for their agenda. This is why women are getting opened and lit up by “da man.” The secrets of their cells are being replicated and used by and for Evil – this is the Mapping Game. They want to destroy women and destroy their children for generations. These ancient aliens are experts at navigating Time, inserting blockages and interrupting light energies – however their abilities here (and elsewhere for that matter) are limited. The victimized women are also being “re-wired” – their original forms are being “de-formed” and blockages are physically harming their bodies although the symptoms may not show immediately.

It is calculated by this group for symptoms or traumas or blockages to show later on when it is less likely that the problems will be traced back to Robert Morning Sky and those creatures who back him. Externally, the problems also amount to life problems and obstacles that should not be on the paths of many of these women (or men), serving as drains and distractions. Robert definitely likes to toy with men too, but women have more of the energies/electricities/secrets they seek. It’s recommended not to keep any “gift” that this guy may send and most definitely, do not order any products! Believe it or not, these are packed with negative portals.

This group is fueling Negatives above and below. They are not, however, unchecked. They are not quite as powerful as they believe themselves to be and they are so impure in their souls that they are incapable of True Vision and of True Navigation in the present day. There are many passageways closed to them, many switches that they will never access. If you’ve had any interaction with this native american, I am giving you a big hug! And perhaps seek your path of becoming whole again (and beyond) because there’s lots of work yet to do. Governments, Agendas, Secret Societies. Changing Diapers, Making Meals, Parent Meetings.

Since “The Gathering,” I could not figure out why I felt as though my body had been broken. There were blockages, my organs weren’t in communication and I developed symptoms of physical pain or emptiness that had not existed before specifically in three areas: I felt it in my uterus, in my neck and shoulders, and in the base of my skull. My thoughts were not mine. But I remember that as soon as I came home from that weekend in Arizona, I felt drained and dazed (he launched into astral sex the Sunday night of The Gathering and this went on for a few days/weeks? then stopped.) My life energies were being blocked and re-directed (without my permission). My abilities to travel through ecstasy were blocked. I remember specifically feeling my uterus electrically outlined as if there was an imprint being left – branding, a “claim.” I seemed to have aged twenty years, my husband who is normally in harmony with me suddenly was having conflicted emotions. There was chaos between us that had not existed before and the home environment became temporarily bizarre. I was able to settle everything down after a few weeks.

…I agree, there is a connection between us…

Yes Robert, cording me without my permission would do this, attachment is a better word here. He attached his “family” and “the ancient ones” – “the runes and the ruins” to my body, my life energies, to my ancestral lines. He attached a circle of female parasites not only to my body, but to my own family and to my Time.

…I have many, many tasks to perform…

Indeed Robert, many, many women have been lured, corded and are being manipulated, as have their electronic devices for additional disruptions to their lives. Without their permission I am sure. There is nothing that can clean your hands of these violations.

…I must tell you, your husband and daughter are invited to all that the elders and I do…

In RobertMorningSkyLand, in the greedy underworld of the Semsiye Elders and the Udughan Secret Society, what this means is: “We are taking advantage of the life energies also of your husband and of your daughter and any other family member that we can leech off of. We will be manipulating all of you and feeding off as much negative energy as we can scrape up.” (more on this below) I guess this is his way of asking permission after the fact? A feeble attempt at some sort of cosmic ethic? So you’ll notice in his correspondence that he tries to maintain the veneer of following the rules and regulations set for this planet, but he is obviously – so obviously – breaking every single one. Here is where I sought advice beyond my own self care because even after the correspondence ended, and I felt genuine relief to be rid of him/them, there were interruptions in my life that continued and I knew that this was all related. He had, after all, been a glitch on my computer. I’ll paraphrase what the Master Healer shared with me when my energy bodies were being read:

There is a syphon in your pineal gland, it’s large. Your pituitary gland is agitated. There is a block between your heart and throat and in your reproductive area. Three main areas, you’ve been marked. There is a group – a group of wolves, primitive energies, entities – who are drawing on old, old wounds, old stuff, they are connected to old patterns and they use this on you. They push this on you to cause disturbance. This is not good, they will clash with you, your energies will collide, this group builds up and then impacts. They lay low then impact. They cause irritation and imbalance. This is the causing it, feeding off it. This group is greedy, their core is greed and if you allow this cord to remain in your pineal, you will become greedy and insatiable like them. They form an electrical circle around you and around your husband and around your daughter, separating you. But nothing can come between you and your daughter, they try but nothing can separate you. They say you gave them permission (*I’ll define this in a little bit). They will humble you, they will humble you down so far that they can control you. They control people, women, there are many that have these cords attached. This is their way. You appear to them in a cave like a bright light, you are easy to find. How have you been able to survive, Marybeth? They began this cording four, five years ago? (This was when I first EMAILED Robert Morning Sky to order a book. This is their entrance. This is the very line that they use to access the civilized world. And without my knowing or detecting it, they had already corded me.) They fill your mind, images, they distract you, they separate you from presence in your life. Surround yourself with light and they will not see you. (my ancestors stepped in here and provided a specific grid of light to be placed in my 6th chakra/third eye). I’ll stop here and say that I definitely requested that this Master Healer cut the cord(s) and so the acupuncture needles were grouped around the fore and top of my head. Magnets were also used afterwards to pull all of “me” back into my uterus and abdomen which felt amazing. But because this group is so advanced – alien advanced – the kind of work and restoration that I needed goes beyond what we would normally find in the world of esoteric healing and energetic healing. In further weeks on my path, I received additional assistance of a third kind, so to speak. The ongoing assaults that I experienced were an alien versus human scenario and not only that, this was groups of witches and their licking-male-heads, backed by alien entities, against one Woman. Yea, my thoughts exactly: a little help please!

*giving permission: I told this healer that I did not give permission to be used like a piece of living meat and/or corded. But the message came back that I did give permission. So here are the only places in my Morning Sky correspondence that I recall specifically giving permission:

  1. Robert emailed me shortly after the gathering and asked if he could “dream” about me, something that he had done since he was 12 years old, in order to envision regalia. I gave permission for this.
  2. He asked on a phone call if he could “paint” me, I assumed at the next gathering since there was talk that women would participate by wearing regalia etc. So I gave permission for this as well.

The astral group raves are done without permission. Mike (a.k.a. “Little Bear”) and Eric (a.k.a. “Little Apache”) are the two who eat and screw away while Robert Morning Sky watches and participates by hiding in his “son” – Little Apache. This is used to derail or firmly pull the woman into the outer circle, to distract her from what is really going on with her energies and destiny. The electrical impulses (via clitoral-esque orgasm) that he injects in a woman actually slices her down the center – these disarm and disengage the very important metaphysical systems and inner-workings that protect and guide her. The operations also unlock secrets of her DNA, of the Bright and Light Stars that love and protect humans and that Light Workers contain, release and apply as their evolution and work here unfolds.

His family/his personal circle of witches also participate. He acts first and asks these weird questions (permission?) later. Deception, disinformation, corruption are everywhere in the Morning Sky Operations. He is well aware of what happens once he turns a woman over to “the ancient ones,” once he “paints”/cords a woman – he has been doing this for decades – and he is proud to announce that he is known to break up marriages and careers etc. This actually comes out of his mouth. He is so proud (for example) of his handiwork with one business woman who saw him for a vision quest, ended up breaking down, selling her companies and wandering around the world. To me, this sounds more like a zombie. Someone who most definitely got seduced and corded and whose life energies have been feeding the underworld for years. What an ego this guy wears – it’s his permanent regalia. He would text or email me: “Are you ok? I know there is a lot going on with you.” He would also try to plant fear (emails which referred to how dangerous groups are after him, wants to be sure I’m safe etc. etc. etc.) which did not work as fear really isn’t part of my way of being. And I found these inquiries odd anyway because I was, actually, ok and doing very well. Things are usually quite lovely in my life. I was being protected by my “other world” while also being attacked by the Morning Sky operatives and I was working through it but somehow not in conflict with it.

A caution with this group: They don’t travel on negative/low vibration frequencies. They have evolved to mimic wavelengths and vibrations that humans would normally trust. So you will feel the vibrations of (for example) profound love, profound spirituality, profound ecstasy and so it is extremely difficult at first to identify that the entities behind these higher vibrations – including Robert – are actually negative and evil and partying on the wrong side of the tracks. Metaphysically this is similar to a person who is empty inside but projects a very fake personality with big smiles and big gestures in order to “get in” with the crowd, a big personality that is covering up major issues. Someone who wants to appear happy but is actually dead inside. You can sense this. This group and groups associated with their underworld will try to deceive in the same way. Sensing their presence will not alarm a person because they are hiding behind feelings/sensations that seem innocuous. Think: “smiling and holy priest” covering “child molestation, sex offender.” Think: “environmentally friendly BP oil company” image covering “deadly oil spill maiming marine life and plaguing the coast” etc. I’ll say this though, one can distinguish the difference and one can be clean of this group and their associates.

Robert Morning Sky, his Little Family, his personal circle of Vampire Witches, The Semisye Elders, The Udughan Secret Society, the Parasitic Aliens and their agenda are no different than any average Ad Agency or Corporation – they prey off of the human race – they create serious problems, health issues, isolation, disruption and then provide a “solution.” The solution, in this case, is the “protection” of a cheesy, dated native american “shaman.” He does protect his “Ladies of Fire” with vengeance, as a wolf defends a carcass for its tribe. And dear, dear Robert…do you really think that a group of parasitic elders could possibly form the last avatar of Vishnu? And do you really think that He would ever, ever act in ways dismembered from the very essence of his origins? He does exist and is dancing on this planet. But he does not exist in you. You are nothing but an imitation Odin, ridiculously greedy for the “fire” of an old and sagging group of hooded witches who cannot show their faces to the Light of day. You’ve earned the title all on your own: Dummkopf.

If the Old Ways and the Old Ways of Sorcery are what our entire structured world and religions are based on, as Robert Morning Sky and the Semsiye Elders claim, then the Old Ways have failed miserably. To return to the Old Ways is to begin again the same cycle of manipulation, destruction, misogyny, war, hatred, jealousy, separatism and on and on and on. The agenda of The Udughan Secret Society, of Robert Morning Sky, of the Semisiye Elders with their vulvas flapping in the wind and Robert’s tongue a-wagging is criminal in every dimension, without conscience, hypocritical, an assault against women and against humanity. They insert divisions within a woman’s body/bodies and within her life for their own gain which no doubt fuels these horrific groups around the globe and WWIII itself. You cannot preach “one” and see yourselves as better than “civilized” people, sacrificing them, killing them…unless, of course, you are in bed with Hel. Wow, she sure does like her men short and dark haired. All he’s missing is a little mustache, but I understand that might get in the way of the witches’ pleasures.

Symptoms that women (or men) may experience from cording of bodily energetic centers from a black magi disguised as a good shaman, in this country or any:

  • fatigue, drained energies
  • emptiness in a specific area of the body
  • separation from loved ones, especially one’s intimate partner
  • a desire to divorce or leave partners to (believe it or not!) “be” with a troll of a man
  • desire to leave or abandon one’s accomplished life, disinterest
  • old wounds (healed wounds) suddenly re-appearing in self or others
  • old emotions or behaviors suddenly surfacing
  • a change in the atmosphere of your home
  • children or family members suddenly showing negative or unruly behaviors
  • chaos and negativity, distraction and obsession
  • feeling that there is a switch inside that triggers negative emotions (anger, frustration, knee-jerk reactions)
  • confusion, a state of hypnosis
  • sudden external destruction or obstacles

I’m not psychic but there are plenty of authentic healers who could probably add layers to this list. The human body is not just “auras” and “merkabahs” and “meridians” and “electrical fields” – we have systems, programming, we have switchboards ourselves. Might be best to seek a Master Healer who is highly skilled with cutting/removing cords or demons and can do additional work to ensure that the same group – or other parasitic groups – are not able to re-cord. May want to consider how your astral body is found. This is an interesting process to say the least.  *perhaps bring your laptop, phone or other electronic devices through which you communicated with Robert Morning Sky (email, text, website – or get rid of them, trade them, dump them, throw them out) as these devices have likely also been corded/made portals and can be used to cause disturbances in your daily life via electric and electromagnetic dynamics, bodily fields and environmental. There are other ways that the underworld will and does access, this is just an obvious one. I haven’t gotten around to having mine cleared. I still use the same email and the same laptop but a little differently. He’s nothing more than a deceiver, a trickster: “Gee, computers and electrical devices/phones act strange around me. It’s because I was hit by lightning when I was a boy.” No, no, it’s because he is a conduit for the negatives in the underworld and they do their bidding through him. I should acknowledge here that there are also powerfully positive beings and groups in the underworld too, as are there Good Witches round the globe, Robert has chosen to be bound with viral evil. There’s kind of a big difference.

If you are a scientist, an educator, a scholar of any kind and are contacted by Robert Morning Sky, or anyone associated with him, via email which has been opened – your computer and office have a virus in the form of access for the underworld. They work quickly though and can plant issues or disruptions or distractions at certain times in the future. May consider blocking his name and not open any correspondence that comes from him. This voyeuristic group likes to spy. They like to destroy and steal. Also – for women who have attended a gathering, or have gone on a vision quest with him over the past decades, met with him to train as an apprentice or for any other reason and got sacrificed  – you are corded, your life, your relationships, your physical and spiritual health, your opportunities, your interactions with the world are all being manipulated by “an omnipresent group.” They have hatred for women and for human beings. This is like an underworld mafia, they’re just linked and linked, a dirty chain and desperate for attention. It is enough though to get really centered and to continually step aside into neutrality, know that you’re not alone, speak, share. I mean, this has been going on for millennia. Be healthy and be well, take care of your bodies, ask and you will receive. It’s always nice to have powerful friends in secret places, so find them. They are nearby.

And if he opened the base of your spine/kundalini (without permission as usual), take note of your spine and medulla especially passageways Ida and Pingala. The Morning Sky Operation takes on the form of electricity and so can travel as such, or can pollute your very mitochondria. They will return in order to “scan” your psychic abilities, replicate any new information that is coming to this planet or has been unlocked in your DNA, and they will use this information/skills for their own agenda. They will use this information to continue with their warfare, so protect the crystal that you are. They’ve already lost. They know that it is written in stone that they have lost, but they’re making every last effort to make cannibalism and destruction the way of this world. At the end of the day though, they’re just another desperate group of salespeople wanting to tap into your business. Greedy for more control. I am sure that I’ve never quite been so deeply disappointed in all of my adult life. Ah. Well. C’est la vie. And welcome back. Oh! And if you should get the chance, please do tell Robert Morning Sky, The Semsiye Elders and each and every parasite of the Udughan Secret Society around the world…that offer that was spoken to you. The one described deep in the jungles of the most powerful of Philippine Islands – that was no offer. That is your Destiny and it cannot be changed in this life or the next or the previous. I’m sure you will be delicious. No mercy.

Weather Warfare, The Brat in Hurricane Matthew, Alternate Reality and The New World 

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