Invisible Waves



Ah! What is going on with the amazing waves of energy on this planet. Just about everyone I talk to is noticing that there’s “something in the air” – especially here in Florida and by the ocean, the constellations seem to be closer, the breeze seems filled with love, support, guidance, peacefulness, power, encouragement, new ways of seeing and experiencing Life and it’s just delivering it everywhere to everyone for free! I really, really, really love living in Cocoa Beach…it’s like living in a vortex. Can’t imagine any other place for me and we travel a bit. Bruno is in Seattle for a job promotion and it’s kind of lovely! We’re both re-invigorating our individual selves, moving out of Mom and Dad roles, making choices from fresh perspectives. Adela is in this incredible stage of sharing and loving and listening and we enjoy each other so much – I love spending time with her. A part of me hopes this will never end, but…according to the many parents and



grandparents who greet us and I get to chat with…there are always new challenges around the corner. Ack! Of course. Of course. But I love being a full time mom for her during this 4 – 5 year age. Looking into piano lessons (like me! long, long, long time playing and performing maybe I’ll get back into it as she progresses), skateboarding, jujitsu, kung fu, painting, soccer, surfing, swimming, oyster gardening, butterfly gardening and dance. What a tough life this girl has. We’re heading to NYC this month then to Seattle. So looking forward to spending time with family and seeing Bruno in “our town.” I hope everyone catches the vibes either in your own towns or cities but if for some reason the planet isn’t quite able to blanket you, sending tons of love from our piece of the beach. I swear it’s real! Lots of wonder in the air. XO


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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever!

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