Butterflies In the House

IMG_9150Picked up a bag of mushroom compost at Rockledge Gardens today with Adela, we’re cultivating a butterfly garden. The monarchs and bees (and red-headed woodpeckers) were abundant in the Fischer Park field last week on the evening of the full moon. We sat in the grass and watched for a long time and I got re-inspired to keep going with our ladybug and butterfly oasis just outside the kitchen door. So far there will be dill, parsley, tropical sage and violets along the fence, milkweed, lavender, flowering shrubs, rosemary and oregano, basil, cilantro and maybe a purple passionflower soon. We’re going to cheat on the tomatoes and peppers and buy some mature plants next year.

Speaking of the fresh and the air, thank you J & J & O for reminding us that wooden toys are beyond wonderful, it’s in the grain. For Adela’s upcoming birthday, none other than wood, wood and more wood and some more mushroom compost. The president of our townhome and condo association (Barb xo) is an avid lover of all things butterfly friendly, so we’re doing some digging around the community here on the boulevard together. She’s one of those elders, passionate about what she’s doing in the world which includes the FBMN (Florida Butterfly Monitoring Network) Butterfly Biodiversity Survey group, so guess what Adela and I will be up to in months to come? That’s right: eggs, larva, pupa and following fluttering, flitting things. Say that five times fast.





Made in Maine and on it’s way to Cocoa Beach



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