Mommy and Me Yoga Month

excited for yoga class: age does not equal maturity

excited for yoga class: getting younger by the moment

As usual, I’m more excited than Adela on the first day of a new class but now that we have a few under our yoga mats, she loves going to “The Hoola Room” as she calls it. A short term class that supports moms of all shapes and sizes to breathe, stretch and re-connect with our healthiest selves…and a hoola hoop to entertain the kids here and there.

By the way, my daughter is 2 and 10 months if you know what I mean…sometimes I stretch and breathe with 1,000 interruptions and sometimes I stretch and breathe with only 5…hundred. One class she insisted on filling cups of water and waited for everyone to drink them before taking the cups and filling them again and this is just the way it goes in Toddlerville. Luckily, we all obliged in between plank poses.

Today, the instructor led us through an amazing class and helped me to strengthen all of my abdomen and loosen my hips – it still feels great hours later. This is an organic class and with newborns to toddlers and up welcome, moms can understand in a whole new way the importance of organics. Finally, getting to know me again.


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Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever!

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