PTVN Days: Baby! IFF: Notes from Marvin Nysansio on the 2012 IPU Event

Author: PTVN Parent Network

PTVN - 2012-06-12-IFFBABY! Int’l Film Festival UGANDA was invited to participate at this year’s Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Kampala, Uganda. We chose three films that would educate and inspire conversation and discussion. I was very busy here in Africa on behalf of mothers and children. We had a lot of meetings with the Civil Society Organization (CSO) because Parent Network (PTVN) is a member of the board.

What was the experience like for you?

First I say all of it is interesting because it is clear there is such a strong call to action for improvement of maternal and child health. It was reiterated by all presenters to an extent that the Ugandan CSOs provided an opportunity to openly discuss, review and give input into the important discussion towards maternal and child health resolution. This was very inspiring for me… working in a coalition and be successful in giving CSOs a united voice and helping in galvanizing and strengthening supportive efforts. This was a plus as it has laid a firmer foundation for collaborations.

What were some reactions during the screening of the BABY! films?

Showcasing the 3 films was great! It was very exciting to see how everyone liked having the films to watch and then talk about the films in ways that relate to specific concerns we are addressing about maternal and infant health. The Parliament has requested that we provide this experience again at the next parliament conference and have it be part of maternal and child health conversations within its community.

What was achieved?

The CSOs worked in close partnership with Parliament. Having the CSOs involved helped strengthen the linkage between parliaments and the
people. With consistency in our message for maternal and child health, we are building upon our united partnership and implementing future activities, including across Uganda. Working in common collaboration is important to us because we learned what exactly is happening and what are the concerns across the world. Having partnerships where information and knowledge is shared, enables us to have interacted with a number of the international delegates for a common cause. It’s impacting for the people that the CSOs share their views and voices on recommendations for women’s and children’s health with the parliament and then have a number of draft articles accepted and be strongly upheld. That’s a great achievement! This strengthened the CSOs coalition efforts on maternal and child health!

Generally, the event was a success and provided a huge learning experience to most members of the coalition. Engaging in advocacy at a very high level is amazing. The ability to work together as CSOs and having acknowledgment and approval from parliamentarian members is supportive in achieving a common advocacy goal. The plan now is for all CSOs to follow up and stay linked together – with more vigor.

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