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PTVN Days: Yes We Said It, Boobie-Palooza: Bringing Breastfeeding to the Mainstream

PTVN-2012-07-30-boobie-paloozaYes We Said It, Boobie-Palooza: Bringing Breastfeeding to the Mainstream

Author: Marybeth Cicirello

Now this may not be a subject of particular interest unless you’re 1. currently breastfeeding 2. a health advocate 3. a baby advocate or 4. interested in a healthier adult population – but I’m all of the above, so I’m psyched to the brim about Boobie-Palooza 2012!

We noticed the People Magazine article has garnered some colorful comments and I’ll say this to the ladies: if you’re offended by the marketing surrounding Boobie-Palooza, you’ve missed the point. All work and Read the rest of this entry

PTVN Days: My Cross Country Road Trip: 5 Month Daughter and Misc. Fodder

Characters: Me (Marybeth), Bruno (Husband/Dad), Adela (Daughter)

Scene: Bruno and Marybeth (6 months pregnant) sitting in the living room of their Seattle, WA home.

Marybeth: “I really don’t want to raise a daughter here. If I’m not inspired by the environment anymore, how will she be inspired?”

Bruno: “Lets move.”

And cut. Given, we actually started the Read the rest of this entry

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