Other Lives: An Indie Band to Follow

Live music – last time we experienced this was Devotchka at Neumos years ago.

Other Lives (live) comes up All Roses for me – we saw them at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle and enjoyed everything about this band which you can sample here via KEXP Radio. As a side note, if you’re in Seattle, KEXP studio sessions are live in-studio performances that you can see/hear in person (free) and be sure to say hi to our friend Jim Beckman there, just another awesome human walking the planet.

About MB

Of all the choices I've made in life, the one that has had a lasting wonderment about it has been to toss out any emphasis on living in a material world. Dropping out of the chattel race in America opens up the extraordinary. Rock on, fellow drop outs. Oh, and motherhood is the greatest journey ever! heartyup@gmail.com

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