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Philanthropy That Gets Results

Published Date: 2011-03-29

“…An absolute must-read…This book is among the very best I have seen in an emerging genre of donor-education literature.”—Phil Buchanan, president, Center for Effective Philanthropy in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

New York, March 29, 2011—The Bridgespan Group and Public Affairs Books today announced the release of Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results, a book designed to assist individuals who are seeking to get results with their Philanthropy.

According to Bridgespan Co-founder and Give Smart Co-author Thomas J. Tierney, “Philanthropy represents an opportunity to make an unprecedented impact in our world; Americans donated approximately $300 billion in 2010, and in the first half of the twenty-first century giving to family and community foundations alone will be ten times in today’s dollars what it was throughout the entire twentieth century.”

More than 50 billionaires have joined Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates’ Giving Pledge to donate half their fortunes, commitments that are estimated to total over $600 billion. We are poised at the brink of a historic wealth transfer. And the giving is more than financial—service programs like Teach for America and City Year are rapidly becoming premier choices for America’s top college graduates while more trailing boomers are seeking “encore careers,” postponing retirement to pursue work that creates social impact. “However,” says Co-author Joel L. Fleishman, “tremendous innovation in the social sector and the best of intentions are not enough—because of its very nature, philanthropy regularly underperforms… Read the rest of this entry

Puppets & Poets December 17-18, 2011

Alphabet Arts’ co-founders, puppeteer Kirsten Kammermeyer and poet Amber West, will offer a series of workshops in Brooklyn, NY in Winter 2011 for artists and community members interested in collaboratively exploring the relationship between puppetry and poetry, two of the world’s most ancient and diversely practiced art forms. Each workshop will culminate into a showcase performance in which participants’ “puppet poems” will make their debut…

What a Crock

THE GREATEST STUPID IDEA EVER came back in full slow-cooked force at The VERA Project and we were there to judge each and every dish. Contestants set up crock pots early in the day to compete in their chosen category: soups, stews, chillis, veggie, carnivore, or desserts! Out of all the tasty drips and bits, the overall winner for the night was a chai-soy-white-chocolate bread pudding by a gentleman who entered last minute after glancing at a promotional poster. Ah, to know that print ads still work.

Watch out – I judge beans.

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