PTVN Days: Communing With Baby

Yogi_Midwife_CommuneAuthor: Yogi Midwife

Yoga is about being present. Experiencing, to the best of our ability, what is going on right now. Once youʼve done your stretching you feel more calm and open to sensations, sights, sounds and feelings. When you complete a short daily yoga practice, it is a good time to tune into your baby.

  • Sit quietly.
  • Be attentive.
  • Notice what it is like to have a baby in your belly.
  • Notice any movements.
  • Talk to your baby.
  • Sing to your baby.

Read to your baby. Babies can hear beginning at 16 weeks of gestation. They become familiar with the sounds in their environment. Rub your belly. Some babies will play with you, pushing back against the pressure.

Here is an interesting book you may want to consider reading: Babies Remember Birth: And Other Extraordinary Scientific Discoveries About the Mind, by David Chamberlain

Words of Wisdom: Our connections with our children begin in the womb. Itʼs never too early to bond with baby.

About: Anne Hirsch is the Yogi Midwife and a Parent Network contributing writer. Anne has spanned a decade of midwifery care and prenatal yoga practice for women in Florida and currently practices at Rainy City Midwifery in Seattle, WA. She is an active member of the global midwife community, volunteering her time to the JJ Way while also organizing fundraisers such as Africa’s Future in African Hands. Anne is developing a series of prenatal yoga videos that will be made available to women around the world via Parent Planet in 2013. Yogi Midwife posts inspiration, advice and healthy, delicious food ideas on Facebook regularly. If you need some reminders, take a peek!

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