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Googley-Eyed Peanut Butter Cup

My sister Tess and the innocence of chocolate and peanut butter

Bunnies, Beaches, and Googley-Eyedified objects. My sister, Tess, entertains me with her visual banter – never underestimate the power inside a craft store.

KEXP’s Uncompressed CD-Quality Stream

About KEXP’s Uncompressed CD-Quality Stream

KEXP is the first radio station in the world to offer uncompressed audio on the internet.

You’ll hear KEXP’s broadcast in high-fidelity audio, with sound quality that is actually better than our FM signal. In fact, it’s nearly CD quality.

  • Regular internet radio streams at around 60 kilobits per second
  • MP3’s average about 160 kilobits per second
  • KEXP’s uncompressed audio streams at 1400 kilobits (1.4 megabits) per second.

To access it, you’ll need Windows Media Player, version 6.3 or higher. You’ll also need a high-speed connection such as:

  • A full T1 connection
  • An ethernet connection
  • A fast DSL line
  • A cable modem (may work — depending on how busy your network is at the time)

Now you’re ready to check out 24-hour uncompressed audio � only at!

More Information: “KEXP-FM Launches Live Uncompressed Audio to Internet Listeners Worldwide” – press release

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