PTVN Days – Parent Network Uganda: Pregnancy and Women’s Health

PTVN - women-pregnancy-globalParent Network Uganda: Pregnancy and Women’s Health

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Our work in Africa since 2009 has driven the conversation of pregnancy, women’s health, community support and hope for change in a climate that has survived overwhelming odds and deserves the support of nations. Parent Network’s recent sponsorship of BABY! Int’l Film Festival UGANDA (a presentation of key films to support motherhood and health) made its way to the 2012 Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Kampala, Uganda: the largest union of national parliaments in the world that encourages dialogue on peace, human rights and democracy and works closely with the United Nations to monitor change.

Our affiliate, Marvin Nyansio, founder of the Rejoice Uganda Organization represented Parent Network (PTVN) during meetings with the Civil Society Organization (CSO) and continues to work hands-on to promote and provide support for women and children in Uganda.

Inspired by the immediate receptivity and educational needs of communities in Africa, PTVN is currently undergoing changes of its own to ensure that we continue to address issues of pregnancy, women’s health, and community in countries that need support most. Carrying the flag: “All Women Desire To Give Their Children Health and Opportunity,” Parent Network is again leading the way in promoting healthy pregnancy, healthy mothers and children, and strengthening communities. Stay tuned for our upcoming missions and goals.

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